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Revenge Is Sour

Girls' locker room. Girls are in various stages of undress. Joan arrives at her locker and starts to open it. She proceeds to undress, and pays little attention to anyone around her. A couple of pretty girls -- wait, are they Scylla and Charybdis? It's been so long since they were on the show I can't remember. No, I just looked it up; it's not them. Just some other barely distinguishable, snotty, popular girls. Anyway, they're yapping about the new camera phone that Angela's father bought her. Joan takes vague note of this, rolling her eyes. Angela's friend, who's sort of a Poor Man's Erika Christensen (tm Gustave), tells her friend to take a picture of her. Angela says she's still trying to figure it out. PMEC sits on the bench near Joan, squashing, in the process, the slightly funky hat of another classmate who's also sitting on the bench. Hat Girl: "Hey, get off!" PMEC: "Sorry, Dr. Seuss! Don't get all Grinchy on me!" PMEC fluffs the hat back up and plops it on her head, asking Angela, "How do I look?" Angela: "Unpopular." Hat Girl: "Excuse me..." PMEC: "Come on, snap me!" Angela is befuddled by the buttons. You know, Frink just gave me a digital camera for my birthday and I figured out how to take a picture in about three seconds, though I'd never used one before. Hat Girl wants her chapeau back, but PMEC snots, "Why, are your superpowers, like, leaking away?" Joan says mildly, "Come on, give it a rest, you guys." She grabs the hat off PMEC and gives it to Hat Girl. PMEC bitches that "everybody's Grinchy." She asks Joan, "What's wrong, did you and your biker chick break up?" Angela squeals, "Hey, I think I got it!" Joan seems to sense that this is not a good thing, because she makes a move toward Angela just as Angela snaps a picture of Joan in her underpants and a tank top. She cackles and then shows it to PMEC, who also cackles. Joan looks apprehensive. Angela holds it up to Joan, asking, "For your girlfriend's wallet?" Joan: "Cute. Now hand it over." Angela and PMEC run out of the locker room giggling. Joan gives chase, and quickly finds herself in the sparsely populated hallway in her underwear. She stops short and backs into the locker room while some dope wolf-whistles.

Over breakfast at the Girardis', Helen tells the family that she's going to be exhibiting some of her acrylics at a show at the Franklin Gallery. Joan's less than thrilled to hear it: "First teaching, now gallery shows? Why don't you just put me on display and sell tickets?" Kevin wheels in and commends her on her selflessness. Helen's unsure about showing her work; she's only been dabbling in this medium for a few months, and she thinks her compositions are unbalanced: "And forget about the negative and positive space." I'll try. Will's all for her showing her work. The opening is tomorrow. Joan flips out: "Great! Maybe you should include nude portraits of the whole family! Or better yet, a series of paintings entitled My Daughter's Life: A Retrospective in Humiliation!" Her family stares at her as Helen asks, "Are you okay, Joan?" She replies, "No. Yes." She pauses. "Just...the usual." She goes up the kitchen stairs, muttering to herself. I notice she's wearing an off-white top and cardigan, which is kind of unusual for her. I like it.

As Grace and Joan are walking to their lockers, Grace comments, "Can I just say, I sort of pictured you [as] the matching bra and panties type?" You can say anything you want about it as long as you stop saying "panties," which is a word I hate. But otherwise, please elaborate. Joan: "You picture me in my panties?" Stop it, now. Really. Grace: "Not 'til I saw the photo." Yeah, right. She adds, "And my advice? Stay in school." What's that supposed to mean? That she can't get a job as a bikini model? As if Grace would approve of anything like that, anyway. She'd pitch a fit and a half. Joan wants to know how Grace saw the picture. Grace says it was "spam email." See, now lots of you are sorry you rashly deleted all that spam when you could have been scoping cute pictures of Amber Tamblyn. Joan groans and says she made a huge mistake when she didn't hurl that phone into a shower stall.

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