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Revenge Is Sour

Downstairs, Joan's in her pink pyjamas, making a sandwich so huge and elaborate you might need to be over nineteen to eat it legally. She's suddenly turned into Dagwood Bumstead. She's just tried to take the first bite when someone knocks at the door. Putting the sandwich down, she starts to crutch her way to the door, but quickly dumps the crutches, realizing she can hop faster. She opens the door without looking to see who it is -- I'm sorry, but who lives in a world like that? -- and it's Adam. She doesn't seem to be expecting him, and she tells him it's late. Adam: "It is?" She tells him to come in, and hops back to the kitchen. She asks if he's cold, and if he wants something to eat. Frink: "Of course he does. He's a guy, isn't he?" She sits down and puts her bad foot up on the table. He stands before her, saying he wants to talk. As Joan rubs her ankle, he asks if it hurts. She says it doesn't hurt so much anymore: "You get used to it." I know they're talking about the foot, but it feels like they're talking about Iris just as much. He asks if she knew about Angela's mother. Joan says she didn't. Adam says he didn't, either: "We're both behind this whole thing..." Joan: "No. Friedman was." Does that guy have a first name? I'm just wondering. Adam gives her a soft yet reproachful look: "Jane...we were." Joan finally acknowledges this and says, "We'll apologize. I mean, that's enough, right?" Adam doesn't know.

He wanders around the kitchen a bit and notices the sandwich: "Wow. This is the most awesome sandwich I have ever seen." Frink: "That sandwich does rock." Joan smiles: "Have it. I'm bored with it already. Too much chewing." Adam sits down with the sandwich, and then says, "I'm not hungry." Joan can't get worked up about it one way or another. She finally asks why he's there. Adam shrugs and looks adorable. Geez, Jane, do you need a reason? Does he? He eventually says, "Iris is a good person." Joan puts her head in her hand and whines, "I know." Then: "It -- ahem -- it's just that her voice...drives me crazy." Joan laughs nervously. Sing it, sister! Adam smiles and says, "It's her real voice." And it's real annoying. He confesses, "It drives me crazy, too." Man, I don't know how people can stand to be with someone whose voice they dislike. That's just too constant and basic a problem to overlook. Joan and Adam giggle about that. Beck's song "It's All in Your Mind" starts playing. Adam suddenly barely touches her ankle, and then gently removes her slipper and sets it on the table. Joan gets very quiet as she watches all this. He very delicately fiddles with the tensor bandage, ever so lightly peeling and stretching an edge. He's looking at her foot, but it's too bad he doesn't see the look she's giving him, because for a moment she's looking at him the way her mother looks at her father. "And I wanted to be / And I wanted to be / your good friend..." Then she looks slightly sad, remembering what they were talking about, and she asks, "But you love her?" Adam looks slightly surprised as he thinks about that: "I -- I like her a lot." Joan sighs, "And you want me to like her, too?" She doesn't look him in the eye. He looks up and catches her gaze: "No. But I want you to like me." Joan's not quite sure what to say. Her eyes are a bit watery, and she swallows slightly before replying, "Adam...I don't just like you..." Adam almost gasps, and then swallows too, and finally says, "Yeah. Yeah, me too." One part of me is all sayitsayitsayitsayit, but I know that it's actually better this way. Woo-hoo! Happy birthday to me! "Well, you're all scared and stiff / A sick stolen gift / And the people you're with / They're all scared and stiff..." Joan lets herself look at him, and he gently replaces her slipper. Frink: "Ooh! Prince Charming." I'm sure she's wondering just how long she'll have to wait before the time is right between them. He looks like he got more than he came for, and says, "Good night, Jane." He leaves, just before we see a tear run down the edge of her cheek as she turns her face toward the door. Out on the porch, he pauses, looking at the rain and pulling up his hood before taking off. Through the rainy window, we see Joan sitting alone at the table. "And I wanted to be / And I wanted to be / your good friend..."

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