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Revenge Is Sour

Elsewhere in the gallery, Joan and Luke are looking at their mother's paintings. Joan's hair looks gorgeous -- loosely waved, with some wrapped around her head and fastened on one side with an interesting, possibly vintage, rhinestone pin. I don't think it's ever looked better. She's engrossed in a painting when Luke comes over and Joan asks, "Do you think that's me?" Luke: "Hey, guess what? Copernicus called and said the world doesn't revolve around you." Joan: "Oh, what a coincidence, because the dork police called and they said they want their leader back." Kevin wheels up and says, "It's official. I don't miss high school anymore." Luke and Kevin both take off. Joan stares at the painting for a bit until the disturbing sound of her mother's drunken, snorting laughter cuts through her self-absorption for a moment. We hear Helen telling Andy she took a break and had the kids: "Didn't paint at all...except with ketchup!" Joan hustles over to her father in a panic, asking, "You let her have red wine?" I must say, Drunk Helen? Not my favourite Helen. Will says he tried to steer her toward the white wine: "But I got distracted by all the arty people." Joan: "Well, fix it!" Helen notices them and waves. Joan: "She's starting to point us out." Joan skulks away, mortified. Helen keeps on beaming.

The next morning, Helen wants to see the newspaper -- which Kevin's hiding -- so she can read the review of the show before she goes to a faculty meeting. Everyone's too quiet and apprehensive, and Helen gets the general idea that the review isn't good. Kevin finally produces the paper and Helen asks, "How bad?" Kevin: "Andy Reese is a pompous jerk, Mom." Helen says she's a big girl. She reads aloud, "'As for Helen Girardi, Arcadia High School's new art teacher, it is hard to imagine how this...neophyte...has the courage to display her work in public, no less shape the young artistic minds of Arcadia. She seems influenced by a bit of Dada and, of course, Cézanne, but in her callow hands, Dada turns to doo-doo and the most Cézanne left is...'" She breaks off, laughing weakly just before she breaks into tears, holding the paper up in front of her face. Kevin: "It's just one lame critic's lame opinion." Yeah, I'll bet Rebecca had a lot of qualms about publishing that after finding out about Kevin and Randie. Will: "Hey, you want me to shoot him? 'Cause I've got my gun back." Helen shrugs and holds out her hand: "Just give me your gun -- I'll shoot him myself." She suddenly remembers, "Oh, God, I teach class tomorrow -- my kids will have read this!" Joan insists they won't have: "High school kids only read under duress." Hmph. I was the sort of "high school kid" who lived to read and only did anything else under duress. Oh, you bet I was popular. Luke adds, "Yeah, and high school art students don't read at all." Helen sniffles and looks around at her loving, prevaricating family.

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Joan of Arcadia




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