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Revenge Is Sour

Will and Toni bring a very pregnant woman into an interview room. They apologize for her having to be there, but they have to interview everyone. She's fine with it; she's anxious to put the grey menace away. She tells the story of being at the farmer's market with her daughters, one three-year-old and one who just started talking. She starts to tear up but refuses the Kleenex Toni offers. She heard the screeching of tires and didn't have time to get out of the way. She had her older daughter's hand, but the stroller carrying the younger one tipped over. She sobs, "I tried to pull it but it tipped. And he ran over her! He didn't even slow down! He ran right over my baby!" Will turns off the tape recorder. This scene is superficially sad and yet somehow curiously unmoving. I don't get it. I'll bawl over most anything. This whole storyline isn't working for me. ["The entire episode felt that way to me -- disjointed. I think key scenes must have gotten cut that we didn't see." -- Sars]

It's night and it's raining. Helen's at home in the living room with paintings leaning up everywhere. She's making notes. Will arrives home, and she asks if he wants her to heat up some dinner for him. He doesn't: "I ate something chicken-related at the station." He sits next to her on the sofa and touches her sweater, wondering what's on it. Helen looks down and removes a sticker, saying she gave blood: "They put a sticker on you. You forget to take it off. It looks like you're cracking." Will says that was good of her. She doesn't seem to take the opportunity to tell him about Joan. Maybe he already knows. She asks, "Any more casualties?" As Will gets up to fix a drink, he says, "Six isn't enough?" As he wanders to the liquor, he says, "Oh, I hate the ones where there's no bad guy." Helen's surprised to hear there isn't one. Will: "Good citizen. Conscientious objector. Sat out Korea on principle. Married forty years. He hit the wrong pedal." Helen says the guy shouldn't have been driving. Will: "Andy Baker shouldn't have been driving." That's the kid who paralyzed Kevin. Will adds, "You're the one who said, 'We're not going to sue a kid for making a stupid mistake.'" Well, you sue his insurance company. Isn't that what they're allegedly there for? Helen: "I wasn't wrong." Will: "I'm just sayin'." She walks over to him and says softly, "Brings it all up again, doesn't it?" He agrees as he hands her a drink: "Yeah. It travels all two inches above the surface." Heh. Good line. Helen: "The thing is, Kevin's still here, and he's doing okay." Will says that's just luck. Helen says she doesn't believe in luck. Will: "That's all I believe in." Helen: "What are you, Chinese?" Huh? That seems like an odd remark. I really don't know what to make of that. Will: "I'm a man with a paralyzed son." She says, "Gee...what am I?" Will: "You're a woman. We don't understand what makes you tick." Helen: "The heart, stupid. You understand anatomy." Whatever.

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