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"Until A Little Light Gets Through"

Luke is being deposed. He says it was a normal night: he and Joan had to go to the game to watch Kevin play, and then listen to endless talk about Kevin in the car on the way home. Luke rambles: "I'm used to being ignored. You know, the youngest and all. Hand-me-downs, used toys." Kroner prods him to stay on topic. Luke: "Right. It's not therapy." Then, concerned about how that sounded, he tells the other lawyer, "Not that I need therapy." He continues: "Anyway, I was engaged in some kind of academic pursuit…"

We drift into a flashback, and there's a Three Stooges movie on. Luke is slowly conveying a cheesie to his mouth. Joan's on the couch beside him, watching the movie, too. But didn't she say that she was watching The Nutty Professor -- for the millionth time -- when the cops came to the door? I suppose it's entirely plausible Luke's memory could be different. It's actually more plausible than the idea that everyone remembers everything identically. I'm going to let that one go, since God knows the bag of continuity nitpicks is full for this episode. Of the cheesies, Joan demands, "Gimme." She tries -- and fails -- to snatch the bag and Luke puts his feet on her: "Get your own!" "Get your rank feet off of me!" She shoves him partway off the couch. Luke: "Physical violence. Favourite tool of the intellectually impaired." Suddenly a commercial for the kite Luke wants comes on, and he says, "Want it, need it, getting it." Joan declares it a baby toy. Luke: "It's a ram-air traction kite, with ripstop nylon, mid-range action ratio --" Joan puts her arm over Luke's mouth. Suddenly they can overhear the argument Helen and Will were having, when he tells her he "doesn't forgive that statement." Joan glances in the direction of the fighting, and Luke mutters, "They better not get divorced before next week." Joan says he's always thinking about himself. Luke says it's his birthday. Joan: "You, you, you, you…" Luke: "Yeah, right. As if anything in this house matters except Kevin." He keeps stuffing his face with cheesies. Joan fidgets with her braids. The doorbell rings. Joan: "I know. How do you fix it?" Helen calls out, asking if Will's going to answer the door. Luke says it can't be fixed: "We'll just have to put our scarred psyches to some productive use." The Three Stooges are back, and one of them backs his ass onto a needle large enough to anaesthetize Donald Trump's ego. The doorbell keeps ringing. Helen shouts. Joan makes a sudden grab for the bag of cheesies, and they struggle over it. As Helen answers the door and cries out in the background, the bag breaks and cheesies fly all over the place. And then there's one of the worst cuts to commercial ever. And speaking of cheesy things flying around, I didn't care for the sound effects on Helen's cry of pain. But Amber and Michael were absolutely awesome in this scene -- utterly believable in their complex sibling relationship.

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