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Helen's alone in her classroom when Joan comes in to say she has to go to her deposition now. "And since I have to tell the truth, I thought I would start here." That's got Helen's attention: "Oh, God." Joan asks her to promise not to freak out. Helen: "Speak." Joan: "I failed my physics test, and I don't have a shot at a four-year college. Bye." Helen: "Whoa!" Joan stops, and Helen turns to her.

Next scene: Helen is barrelling into Price's office, hollering, "Price!" Joan's right behind her, saying, "Mom, see, this is what freaking out looks like!" Helen marches in, asking, "Did you tell my daughter that she has no academic future?" Price sighs, and says, "Mrs. Girardi, if you would like to make an appointment --" Helen: "Did you use the words, while speaking to my daughter, 'no future'?" Actually, I don't think he did use those exact words, though he might as well have. Price says Joan was paraphrasing. Helen: "Well, paraphrase this: I'm in no mood for you and your soul-destroying tactics right now. My entire family is being deposed in a lawsuit, I'm behind in my work, and I have to feed my husband's horrible boss tonight, so just cut the crap, and account for yourself! Did you tell my daughter that she has no future?" Price: "I see her options as limited." Helen: "See, I get that you are disappointed in your own life -- I don't blame you -- but this girl hasn't abandoned her dreams yet." Well, true enough, I suppose, given that Joan doesn't seem to have the first clue what they are. "And so, to try to steal that from her, to try to rob someone of their future…I'm pretty sure you go to hell for that." Helen nods with conviction, adding, "Tell her you were wrong." Price doesn't exactly fall all over himself to repent, so Helen comes a step closer, and practically growls through gritted teeth: "Tell her." Helen turns to look at Joan while Price says, "I might have overstated." Joan just nods. Helen turns back to Price, smiles sweetly, and says "Thank you." She hustles out. Joan pauses a moment, and then follows her mother with a huffy flip of her hair at her vice-principal. Price sends out a search party for his nutsack.

Out in the hall, Joan runs to catch up with her mother: "Mom! That was awesome!" Helen stops short: "You: study harder, get your act together -- you are going to college, because there will be no more casualties in this family." She marches off down the hall. Joan stands there, looking around. She suddenly sees QDftSG looking at her through the glass of the administrators' offices. He slouches and makes a sad face, and then straightens up in a pantomime of his advice to Joan. Joan just makes a fist -- and a bit of a face -- at him, and then opens her fist, keeping her hand in the air as she walks away. It's another twist on the Godwave.

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