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"Until A Little Light Gets Through"

Outside, Luke's running around, trying to get his brightly coloured stunt kite in the air. Joan and Grace duck as he darts around, struggling to get it aloft. Not a very windy night, so it's sort of a Charlie Brown birthday, here. As the three of them are trying to figure it out, Luke notices his parents coming out of the house, Helen buttoning her red coat over her pyjamas. Grace and Joan giggle as they throw the kite in the air in futility. Luke walks over to his parents and says, "It's okay," before they can say anything. Helen: "It's not. It's just not." Will says it's his fault. Luke says it doesn't matter, and he appears to really mean it. Helen: "Sweetheart, it does…" Luke: "Okay, it does, but…you know…things came out of it that I didn't see coming. And I'm really happy now. 'Cause, you know…we're all here. And Grace is here. And Joan remembered. And Kevin is okay. And I'm gonna have a lot of birthdays. Besides…now you guys have to buy me a car." His parents laugh and give him a hug, wishing him happy birthday. Dude is so not getting a car, but he sure as hell deserves one. Joan calls out, "Hey, come on, SquarePants. Let's get this thing in the air." Luke runs to try again.

Cut to the kite shimmying fiercely. Luke's got it aloft and manages to steer it by manipulating the strings vigorously. Patty Griffin's pretty "Kite Song" begins to play as an overhead shot shows us the five of them standing on the ground as a CGI version of the kite glides above them. "The Sunday after there was laughter in the air / Everybody had a kite / They were flying everywhere / And all the trouble went away / And it wasn't just a dream / All the trouble went away / And it wasn't just a dream." There are shots of Grace and Luke and Joan looking up at the kite with wonder and delight, and then a shot of kite flying around against the dark sky, briefly obscuring the moon in its looping path. "In the middle of the night / We try and try with all our mights [sic] / To light a little light down here / In the middle of the night / We keep sending little kites / Until a little light gets through."

Suddenly the kite disappears from the sky and in its place, Andy's keys fly through the air and come rushing back down. Andy doesn't catch them; he laughs and picks them up off the pavement. As he grabs them, you can see underneath the car to Kevin's feet standing on the passenger side. Kevin glances back at Beth one last time. He seems mildly troubled by her hurt expression, but he turns away nonetheless, leaving her in tears, and gets into Andy's passenger seat. The scene fades out on Kevin's feet, moving on their own for the last time ever.

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