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"Until A Little Light Gets Through"

The lawyer recaps what Helen's said so far, asking what happened after the doorbell rang. Helen: "The police…" She looks down at her hands.

Later that night, Helen's lying on their bed reading, and Will's doing sit-ups on the floor in front of her. This? This is not good, people. Why's he doing sit-ups all of a sudden? No good can come of middle-aged TV husbands doing sit-ups. "Okay, this time I mean it…" Helen, not taking her eyes off her book: "You're gonna start running again." Will: "I'm going to set my alarm for five-thirty." Helen mutters, "Not in this bedroom, you're not." Will pants, "You want me to get old and fat?" Helen kisses him: "As long as you do it with me." Will stops exercising, and asks, "Did you buy something expensive?" She says she had her deposition today, and recalled how horrible she was being to Will the evening of Kevin's accident. Will says she wasn't. She takes a breath and says, "I remember something else…right before the cops came to the door…I…had this vision…this image of Kevin lying on the ground in the rain. I saw it. What do you think that was?" Will doesn't answer right away, so Frink does: "'I don't know, but it makes me damned uncomfortable.'" Will just says he doesn't know, and gets up and walks away. Off to do some more sit-ups in another room, I guess: seems like he's starting to think that if he has to choose between his catechism-studying, vision-having, God-believing-in wife and Lucyfer, he'll take his chances with the devil he doesn't know. Helen just stays put, thinking. Will finally sits on the bed, saying he wants to invite Lucyfer on Friday. Helen rolls her eyes before rolling over to face Will. We can't see her face, but it's easy to picture from Will's response: "That's what you do, Helen. You invite the boss over. We had Roebuck over. That's what you do." She just keeps giving him a look. "I mean, if Friday's a big problem..." Helen: "It's not the day, it's the person." Will suggests, "Maybe you could meet her before you fully commit to hating her." Too late, bub. And Helen doesn't even know the half of it. Helen: "So after I feed her…then I can hate her?" Will: "With complete abandon." Bit of the Fat Tony voice there. Love it. He comes prowling toward her, but he must be high if he thinks that's going anywhere, because Helen scoots out of his way, sitting up and clearing her reading material. They each turn to their bedside tables and start setting their clocks.

Gym class. One guy is adeptly flipping himself around on those hanging rings, while on the rings next to him, Friedman struggles. Dangling, choking, and grunting, he eventually lets go and crashes to the ground. For some reason, Grace, Luke, Adam, Joan, and Glynis are all sitting on the bleachers in street clothes, watching. Grace: "It's some kinda breakdown." Shot of Friedman standing on the mats, wearing a bright blue tank top and stretchy yellow gym pants. (I really have to give Aaron Himelstein props for his willingness to look the fool.) I'm surprised he's not wearing a bright yellow dickie with the tank top. Joan says it's about Judith. Glynis: "Which is kind of sweet." What in God's name is going on with her hair? She's got it pulled back it two high, scrawny ponytails. It seems shorter, and she's got some kind of scraggly bangs, too. But she's wearing a plaid jumper with a fairly short skirt, so she hasn't completely abandoned her fashion makeover. I have no idea what's going on with this girl. Luke says it's not about Judith: "It's about Price. He needs a sport for Harvard." And he's considering gymnastics? I think he ought to look into croquet. Wait -- is House of the Dead a sport? Glynis squirms a little, saying, "It's curiously appealing, picturing him in maroon and white." Well, it's more appealing than the AHS colours of IKEA blue and yellow, that's for sure. Also: uh-oh. Glynis and Friedman? Well, it could work. The potential for doofiness squared, cubed, whatever, is a little frightening. Grace shifts her eyes in Glynis's direction: "Is everyone having a breakdown?" Adam: "It's college, man. It's like we're all possessed. Price told me I have to put in more time at the design studio if I want to get into Stanford." Joan's alarmed: "Stanford? I thought you were going to Texas." Adam says that for what he wants to do, Price advised Stanford: "I got a shot." Even though forum posters are of the opinion that Stanford's art programs aren't anything special. Adam: "That's on your short list, right?" Joan claims it is. Glynis is fixated on Friedman: "What if, all this time, he's had an inner warrior?" We see Friedman, focusing intensely and then running up to a pommel horse. But instead of leaping over it, he achieves the groin/pommel horse equivalent of a belly flop. He grunts and rolls off to one side. Glynis stands up, panicked: "Holy future Friedmans." She leaps over bleachers as she dashes toward him: "Walk it off, Harvardian! Back in the saddle!" Joan says she has to go. She seems distressed, so Adam asks if she's okay. She claims she is. But he can tell she's not, so he grabs his stuff and runs after her. That leaves Luke, with Grace sitting in the row behind him. Grace looks very cute in her backward ball cap.

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