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Kevin's sitting in the kitchen alone, mushing some food around, when Joan comes in, in her pyjamas. She looks at what he's doing, commenting, "Ew, that's gross." He agrees. She wants to know if she can have some. He says sure, adding, "I hear you and Luke are grounded." Joan: "Yep." Kevin: "Dad seemed almost relieved that Luke did something so normal-bad-kid-like." Joan asks what they said about her. Kevin: "Oh, they just think you're nuts." He laughs, and remarks, "So, that girl's going to be okay." Joan points out that she almost died. She asks if he talked to Andy. Kevin, "Oh, yeah. We had a lovely chat. That Mom and Dad will never hear about." Joan knows. Kevin: "Remember how I thought it was crazy for him to sue us?" Joan does. Kevin says he doesn't know now: "I mean, I always thought Andy was the moron for driving that night." Joan says he was: "You don't drive drunk." Kevin agrees, but says he could have stopped him. Joan insists it's not Kevin's fault: "Andy has to take responsibility for what he did." She pushes herself away from the table irritably and says, "You shouldn't have gone to see him!" She leaves. You can tell Kevin doesn't think so.

Morning. Chewy's at the front door, and Will invites him in. Chewy says he was told not to bother him on his day off, "But I thought you'd…" Will: "What? What is it?" He says, "There's been some trouble." Maybe Chewy's going to tell us about an outrageous price increase in the junk food vending machines at the station. But it's much worse.

Cut to TV footage of a burning house. It's Mrs. Wallace's home. The reporter talks about the fire being suspicious and that she had agreed to testify in the drive-by case. Will's standing by the TV, saying, "No, damn it, no!" Joan comes in and asks what happened. Helen tells her that a murder witness Will was working with was killed. Will: "And I pushed her to get involved." Helen reassures him that he did the right thing. Will: "She's dead, Helen." They watch her body being loaded into a vehicle. I don't think I understand why Chewy had to come to the house to tell Will.

Boozith is lying in her hospital bed, hooked up to a few tubes. Joan comes to see her. I guess she got an exemption from the grounding. Boozith murmurs, "Joanith in the hizzouse." Joan asks where her parents are; Boozith replies weakly that her father's giving a speech at "Shrinkapalooza." She notices the seriousness of Joan's expression and says, "What? You look worse than me." Joan says she should have taken the bottle away from her. Well, actually, she did, and Boozith just grabbed another one. Boozith: "This is my thing…not yours." Well, that's the first intelligent thing she's said in the whole show. Joan says it doesn't work like that: "It doesn't work if everyone is alone, you know?" I dunno. I'd like to see just how things would work if everybody took appropriate amounts of responsibility for their own damn behaviour. Joan says she was supposed to keep her eyes open, and lapses into babbling about Kevin and Andy and Boozith and Adam and her father and his dead witness: "And even though I see now, I probably sent the cosmos spinning off course, and we're all gonna end up sucked into a black hole and there'll be no more world, and I'm just really, really…I'm really sorry, Judith." Aw, Joan. You really need to get over yourself. Boozith's asleep, anyway. Joan notices, and gets off the bed, giving Boozith a kiss on the forehead before she leaves.

Out in the hallway, she runs into Adam "Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)" Rove. Adam says he's on his way to work, and figured Joan would be there. They walk slowly together. Joan says Boozith's sleeping, and that the doctors said she'd be discharged in a couple of days. Adam: "Just glad you didn't like the taste." Joan chortles a bit, saying, "Yeah, me too." They sit down next to each other. The music playing in this scene is Lauren Hart's "I Might Be." Joan's a little teary, and tells him, "You know, I thought when you left..." She hesitates a long while before continuing, "That you had left me." Adam shakes his head slightly: "Nothing's ever been that easy with us, Joan." She says quietly, "Jane." He doesn't say anything. Joan says she didn't really want him to shake his booty. Adam chuckles weakly, saying, "That would have been ugly." Mmm, I'll be the judge of that, thanks. Joan: "I was just trying to figure out who I wanted to be. You know, like what kind of person. I didn't want anyone else to tell me." Adam knows. She asks, "Do you know who you are?" He replies, "I don't try to figure it out, really." She shrugs, saying maybe it's not important: "It's about what we do for each other, isn't it?" He looks at her, finally seeing something of the girl he fell in love with, and says, "Jane," almost inaudibly. They lean toward each other for a fairly chaste kiss. He says that he could call in sick and take off to Mercer Creek. Joan takes his hand, and says that Boozith's alone, and she should be there when she wakes up: "But we'll have plenty of time to spend together, right?" Let's hope so. Adam nods: "Yeah. Lots." Down the hall, Joan notices Mrs. LandingGod, working as a candy striper. She tells Adam she doesn't want him to be late, and that he should go. He takes off with a brief kiss.

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