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Hole In Your Soul

Joan walks slowly over to Mrs. LandingGod, who gives Joan one of her sad, soulful looks over the top of her glasses. The music in this part of the scene is a song called "Can't Be Long," by The Enablers…founded by Barbara Hall. Joan has tears in her eyes as she says, "You should have been more specific." No response. Joan sighs. "You could have made me." Mrs. LandingGod says, "I can only point things out. Give you choices." Joan: "But what if I mess up again?" She squeezes her face up as the tears come. "I don't want to mess up again." Mrs. "Take A Chance On Me" LandingGod gestures for Joan to come to her, and Joan hugs her and cries as Mrs. LandingGod pats her back, and strokes her hair and shushes her gently. "Well I think I'll go / Down to the river / And let that water / Wash over me / Yes I think I'll go / Down to the river / And let that water / Wash over me / 'Cause it can't be long / You know it can't be long / Until my Lord / Remembers me…" The camera draws away slowly until the image is surrounded with black and the image keeps getting smaller and smaller and then it disappears in a tiny rectangular box in the middle of the screen. What's that about?

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