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Three's A Crowd

As class ends, Helen's cell phone rings. Before she can take the call, though, Adam stops to request an extension for his assignment, explaining he's been working very late nights for his internship. Helen gently tells him she can't make an exception for him. Adam, dejected, wanders off and Helen turns to her caller, who turns out to be some long-lost ex-boyfriend named Jeremy. She hasn't heard from him in twenty years. So, uh…how'd he get her cell phone number? She seems pretty delighted to hear from him, despite the fact that he dumped her, as she claims. She tells him, with a warm, flirtatious sound in her voice, "Well…it's a little late for regrets, Jeremy…"

Joan, Adam, and Judith are walking outside. Joan asks who blew off trig. They all did. Joan: "Excuses?" Judith: "Apathy." Adam: "Art project, internship…it made no sense." Joan: "Behind the Music marathon. Grand Funk Railroad." Is that a shout-out? "So tragic: their manager took all their money, and now I've never heard of them." Adam mentions to Joan that they can start putting his sculpture together, but Joan suddenly realizes she can't, because she's got her first appointment with the college counsellor. Judith says he's scary: "He actually licks his lips when he mentions Princeton." ["I love how Princeton has become TV's go-to shorthand for overinvolvement in the college application process lately. What's up with that?" -- Sars] Joan says she'll be lucky if he mentions college. They enter the school and Adam remonstrates with Joan: "You said you'd help. I'm already so far behind…" Joan apologizes, saying the counsellor is requiring her to work on her essay about extracurricular activities. My God, that's gonna be a long essay. Joan, however, sees it differently: "Which I don't have, unless you count napping." Someone needs to introduce Joan to the idea of spin. She suggests tomorrow. He can't. Joan is busy Thursday with history and trig. They both rub their foreheads a lot. Joan suggests Friday, but that's too late. Judith: "I'm not doing anything!" Joan reminds her about her French midterm. Judith: "We covered the pluperfect at my last school. Pas de problème." She tells Adam: "This way you get at least half of Joanith." Adam says she's totally saving his butt. She puts her arm through his and says, "So let's get to work, slacker." They wander off, as Joan says "bye" with a look of consternation.

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Joan of Arcadia




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