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Three's A Crowd

JudithCam. She's taping, very herky-jerky, a large mural of the Arcadia eagle, spinning a tale of how it comes alive at night and devours the D students. She's cackling madly when suddenly the camera swings around to show us Friedman, standing there with a bouquet of flowers. Judith says, "No offense, Friedman, but the flowers make you look a little like…a guy who carries flowers." She starts to hustle past him, when he says, "They're for you." She stops and turns. She just looks at him with a mixture of hostility and confusion. He explains: "What Ophelia carried: daises are for faithfulness; fennel, flattery; and rosemary for remembrance." Me: "Okay, now I'm impressed." Frink: "Figures." He'll bring me flowers because he knows how I love them, but it pains the engineer in him to spend money on something that's already dead and is going to be thrown out in a few days and "serves no useful purpose." Judith expression softens -- at least the part coloured by hostility. She's still confused. I guess she can't believe he genuinely likes her. He hands them to her, saying, "Hamlet only appeared to be mad, you know?" He walks off slowly, past a group of kids sitting on the sidewalk practicing classical music while being taped by another amateur videographer. Judith still hasn't said a word, but she raises her camera and tapes him walking off.

Helen's in her car, apologizing for cancelling on Jeremy once again. She says he's very sweet but she knows he's busy, too. In response to a comment of his, she says, "Yeah, it was…simpler and freer. Now there's just not a minute, is there? Yeah…just one day…no responsibility, no disappointment. Sure. Tomorrow. Bye."

Luke's studying in the library when someone tosses a wad of paper at him. He turns around and sees Grace, a distance away, gesturing for him to pick it up. As he reaches down for it, trying to be inconspicuous, someone who either has extremely heavily tattooed legs, or is wearing very interesting stockings, walks by. Luke reads the note: "My house, no parents, after school." When he looks up, Grace is gone. He smiles, pleased with himself.

JoanCam. It's on Grace, who's at her locker and scowling at the camera. She's wearing a shirt with the word "rebel" in sequins. See, she has a sense of humour. Joan: "Tha-a-a-at's good…Angry Grace. Something I recognize. How about a rant? Identity chips that were secretly implanted at birth." Grace slams her locker: "That's true." Joan walks ahead of her down the hall as she coaxes her, "Okay, okay, how about…um…bar codes! Why don't you give me a little bit of that magic? Come on!" Grace rolls her eyes and exclaims, "Dude!" when she sees Judith coming with a camera, too. Judith zooms in on Joan, who says, "Could you not?" Judith: "What's the biggie?" Joan: "How about you leave a little bit of my life for me, okay?" Judith: "Whoa! Somebody went off her meds. Want to tell the world why you're so pissed off?" Grace is standing there, and now Friedman's behind her. Joan: "Just back the hell off!" Judith asks her what her problem is. Joan: "You and Adam! That's my problem!" Judith, alarmed: "What are you talking about? I -- I was taking care of him." Wrong idiom to choose, girlie. Joan: "More like jumped all over him. I can't believe I ever thought you were a friend! You are a cold, selfi --" Adam's there suddenly, telling her to lay off Judith. She laces into Adam with sarcasm: "Oh, I'm sorry. You don't want her feelings getting hurt? How touching!" Judith is horrified: "You think I'd ever make a move on your boyfriend?" A crowd is starting to gather. Grace: "Did I miss something?" Joan says she saw her. Friedman takes note of the gathering crowd as Joan says she has it on video: "You are such a psychopath!" Adam: "Cut it out, Joan! Stop!" Judith says Joan's her best friend. Joan snarls, "You just used me to steal a life because you don't have one!" Judith cries: "I really thought you were different! You think I'm just some selfish bitch? Fine! Why disappoint you?" She pushes her camera at Friedman and walks over and kisses Adam hard. Me: "Oh no you di'in't!" Friedman tapes it as Joan pulls Judith off Adam and they start a pretty wimpy fight with a lot of hair-pulling and [STRUGGLE GRUNTS], as the closed captioning informs us. I am so calling my next band that. But the band won't play the tinny-sounding quasi-metal accompanying this scene. Or maybe it will. I'm crazy like that. The boys in the peanut gallery are in clover, watching the girls fight. God, grow up already. And…here comes the law. Mr. Price! It's Mr. Price! He's back. "The Joanith" is rolling around on the floor now, as Mr. Price demands to know what is going on and tries to pry the Joanith monster apart. He manages to separate them slightly and lecture them at the same time. Once they're apart somewhat, Adam drags Joan away. Price: "Stop it!" Then there's a [GUITAR CLIMAX].

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Joan of Arcadia




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