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Three's A Crowd

Helen pops into the den to tell Will she's going out. He says since she's going out, he thought he'd deal with some of the bills. She offers to do them later. Will: "After today, you don't…need to be any more depressed." She smiles and says she shouldn't be late. He calls out, reminding her to take an umbrella, because rain is forecast.

Out on the porch, she stops, and then walks over to the window where she can look over his shoulder at him working. She sits down, pulls out her cell phone, and calls Jeremy: "Hi…uh, no. I can't make it. Yeah, I -- I know. It…would be nice, but…the thing is, I…can't. I don't want to." Pause. "You don't…have to understand. Bye, Jeremy."

Helen comes back in with her coat off, and Will asks, "Something wrong?" She says, "No. I just…I..." She bends down and kisses him. "I would just rather be home." Will watches her as she goes over and settles on the couch in front of the fire. She glances over her shoulder at him.

Adam's in his shed looking through a box of videotapes when Joan comes in from the rain. Joan approaches his workbench slowly, saying, "You can, uh, throw me out if you want…I'll understand." Adam says softly that he doesn't know how she could have thought what she thought. She sits down opposite him and brings forth the excuses: "Well, it just…seemed like…you were saying we were such a drag." Adam looks hurt and confused: "Things are changing so fast. I -- I didn't know who we were, and -- and having a video of that…I don't know. I couldn't handle it." He puts a video back in the box. Joan picks one out and looking at it, asks, "Are these all of you?" He nods: "My mom and I used to take them all the time." She looks at one labelled, "Adam age 7 Summer '95." He says he hasn't looked at them since she died. Joan: "I'll watch them with you." She hands it to him, and he thinks about it before putting it in his dusty portable TV/VCR.

A seven-year-old Adam is taping his mother (played by Adrienne Evans) as she waters strawberries and flowers. As she narrates her action, Adam's eyes become teary. She takes the camera, saying she wants to get a shot of her little artist: "There he is…why don't you show me your pictures?" A little kid who is remarkably well-cast as the young Adam (Max Knowles) picks up a drawing of "Mr. Lemonhead," which he says is for her. His mother compliments him on it, though it really doesn't look like the work of an artistically gifted seven-year-old; it doesn't seem…advanced enough, somehow. His mother says, "I love you so much, baby." Little Adam: "I love you, too." His mom beckons him to come give her a kiss…and he walks over to the camera and pretends to kiss the lens. Fiona Apple's version of "Across The Universe" starts playing, and Adam's nearly blind with tears as his mother turns the camera on the two of them. His mother continues admiring his various drawings. Adam hasn't taken his eyes from the screen. Joan comes around and stands beside him, stroking his back gently on the line "Possessing and caressing me." He finally turns away from the screen, sobbing slightly as he puts his arm around Joan's waist and cries into her chest. She holds him and strokes his hair; she's leaking a bit but not crying as much as Adam.

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Joan of Arcadia




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