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Three's A Crowd

I don't know. I've admitted before that the dead mother stuff always works on me (and so does Adam crying), so of course, I'm bawling. But I do feel somewhat manipulated, particularly by the re-use of "Across the Universe." It just feels a wee bit shoddy, trying to capitalize on the perfect emotional pitch of "Jump" instead of developing something new or different. The same goes for having Adam and Joan experience an intense rupture and then bond again over his mother loss. On the other hand…the cast on this show generally acts the heck out of anything they're given, compensating greatly for any weaknesses in the writing, so it's not like I didn't enjoy this -- apart from the catfight nonsense. I feel, though, that there's been some real unevenness in the writing this season, and now that we're nearly a third of the way through that season, I'm getting nervous that it's not just a fluke here or there. Are you there, Barbara Hall? It's me, Deborah. You need to write more of the episodes. I know you're busy and all with other projects (like your film about the death of John Lennon's mother, mentioned in the recent Elle article about you), but no one has quite your touch with this show, except perhaps Hart Hanson. (And where is he, anyway? He needs to come back, too.) The show's still good, but I have faith it can be even better.

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Joan of Arcadia




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