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Three's A Crowd

Golf course. God, I hope this is short. I think golf is about as interesting as sitting around watching my toenails grow. And they're playing with Lucyfer, who's seen fit, for reasons best known to God and herself, to wear a big old visor and fluff her hair out around it. It's very Florida matron for someone who I think is supposed to be something of a vixen. If they want Annie Potts to wear her hair short, something like this works a lot better. (No comment on the leopard coat with the yoga wear.) This hairstyle only seems to have two modes: frowsy or frightening. Now, maybe that's what they're going for…but since I think she's clearly putting the moves on Will, I'd think they'd want her to be as cute as possible. And Annie Potts is nothing if not cute. Do not give her fugly hair. Will and Lucyfer yammer about his golfing while Kevin selects a club and swivels around in his special golf cart.

Kevin interrupts: "Do you mind? I'd like to continue to humiliate you. Takes the focus off the fact that I'm Velcroed to a golf cart." Kevin swings a club as Lucyfer says to Will that perhaps he's just a little distracted today. They both compliment Kevin on his shot. Lucyfer asks Will, "So what is it, really -- playin' with the boss?" She taps his forearm gently with the back of her hand as she asks. Better step off, bitch. Will says it's "lawsuit crap," and that he hoped this would take his mind off things. Kevin asks Lucyfer, "You know about the case?" Will explains he had to ask for some time off to meet with the lawyer: "Lucy[fer] has been very supportive." Lucyfer walks toward Kevin and pours it on: "I know how hard this must be for the whole family." Kevin doesn't say anything, but subtly conveys his discomfort physically. Will says he might need more time: "They say Andy is too unstable to travel, and we have to go to them for the depositions." Oh, please. Lucyfer positions one of her balls and gets ready to take a shot. She says, "It's a squeeze play. The more you pay for incidentals, the less money you have to fight the case." Kevin: "You'd think the chair would be the only thing the jury needs to see." Lucyfer: "I know you like your lawyer, but you want payback, don't you? You know Chuck Kroner?" Kevin says he helped out covering a case of his: "Guy would sue his own mother." Lucyfer tells them to use her name. Will wants to just play golf. Lucyfer: "Absolutely!" But before she takes her shot, she's got a bunch more stuff to say: "I just think these bastards should pay. Anybody screws up a man's golf game…that should be a capital offense." She hits the ball into the extreme distance, and then is all aw-shucks about it.

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Joan of Arcadia




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