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Three's A Crowd

Luke and Friedman are in the science classroom. Luke's yammering about some transfer of energy, throwing a metal ball at a picture of Einstein (the one with his tongue sticking out). The ball then drops down into a bowl, lights up a sign that read E=MC squared (pretend that's a superscript "2" there; I don't think I can render that in the TWoP database ["it's doable, but I can't be shagged today, sorry" -- Sars]), and drops into a tube, rolling back to Luke. Friedman's absorbed in Shakespeare. Luke: "Are you listening?" Friedman: "No." Luke: "Dude. Extra credit. Focus." Friedman says he's spent the last three weeks memorizing Hamlet for Judith: "I have half an act left, and she still thinks I'm a joke." Well, in her defense…you can sort of see that. Luke: "Friedman…friend to friend…it is an exceptionally absurd way to pursue a woman." Speak for yourself, pencil neck. I'd be impressed. Friedman: "Poetry? Since when?" Luke: "Well, then, I guess it's the incongruous coupling of poetry and…you." He takes the book out of Friedman's hands. Friedman: "Sure. I know what I look like. But 'love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. And therefore is winged cupid painted blind.'" Man. He's had time for A Midsummer Night's Dream, too? There must be some internet porn sites teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Friedman says, "I really like her, dude. Someday you'll know what I mean. It's not about the dream of getting naked with her. Not exclusively. I just can't forget that kiss, you know? And every now and then, I get this look from her…that's potential." He lets the metal ball fly at Einstein. "Couldn't stop now if I wanted to." Oy. Friedman's in love. And he's acting all human and shit. Frink's a little disappointed. He really enjoyed 2D-Friedman. But I like this, and it will be nice to see what Aaron Himelstein does with deeper material.

Interesting shot of Adam's face in a mirror that he's cutting up. He's showing Judith how he wants the mirrors done. She's about to start on one when he advises her to put on a pair of safety glasses. Judith: "Come on. Where's the fun if I can't get glass shards in my eye and sue the school?" Adam just looks at her with concern -- and a distinct lack of amusement. Aw. He's all humourless and stressed out, like me. Judith sobers up and says, "Okay. Actually helping now." When she goes to get the glasses, she surreptitiously orients her video camera toward them and turns it on. When she sits next to Adam and begins to cut, he gives her some more instruction about how to do it. She warns him, "Just so you know…I'm the worst at art. Joan's the one who was always making stuff at crazy camp." Adam sneers, "Yeah, well, she's off on her video project, isn't she?" Judith gleans that he's not a videography fan. Adam: "It's not just that. Our lives have changed so much. We don't -- we don't connect, you know? And I just feel so guilty, or…pissed off…or a million other things." Judith replies, "So every time you feel like you're losing her, you push her away even harder?" Adam considers that: "I love her, you know? I mean, you know…that's the last thing I want." Judith: "Mmm. The thing about Joan is…no matter how many idiot projects she does…or how much she drives you crazy…she actually sticks around. Even when you try to push her away." Adam agrees. Meanwhile, Joan's outside the classroom, videotaping them through the Venetian blinds, unnoticed by either of them. Judith pushes her safety glasses up on her head and says earnestly: "Most people don't do that. Most people just take off, drive away…leave you standing there with…no money, no way to get home. Hang onto her, Adam. She saved my life this summer." Adam nods slightly, adding softly: "She already saved mine." Judith admits, "I know." He wonders, "Then why can't I just see that? I mean, that's all that matters." Judith has the impulse to hug him, and there's some awkward gesturing as Adam realizes her intention and embraces her. When Joan sees this, she lowers her camera and stands there, hurt and overwhelmed.

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Joan of Arcadia




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