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I See Undead People

Joan runs up to Johnny Broadway: "Do something!" He's giddy: "I don't have to! They're loving it!" She marches over to Adam to complain about Johnny Broadway: "He's psycho!" Friedman comes rushing backstage at the pulley guy: "You are an inexperienced buffoon, Tuffy!" "Tuffy"? And I guess Friedman's the experienced buffoon who would know the difference. Elizabeth comes running backstage and punches Friedman in the face. Love it. Let's stay open to that process.

Onstage, lots of zombies are doing a rock-y number called "Bad Science." Helen and Will seem to be rather enjoying it. Shot of Johnny Broadway mimicking the routine backstage. As the number ends, another piece of the set is knocked down.

Backstage, Joan has her wig on now, and it's quite an affair: a long mess of curls with a big ratty crown. The blue lights around the headstones suddenly start flickering and buzzing alarmingly and Johnny Broadway bounces up and down, calling for Adam, who doesn't know what the problem is. Adam pulls his hood up and sneaks out behind the set to try to fix the problem as another number starts up. Crawling through the swirling fog, he tightens a connection and everything seems to be okay. As he starts to crawl back, the sparking and flickering gets worse and suddenly a small electrical fire breaks out. Johnny Broadway is concerned but relatively calm; Adam starts to freak but runs and grabs a latex mask, which he puts on his head, and a fire extinguisher, and crawls toward the fire. Johnny Broadway hangs by the side of the stage, happily gyrating along with the dance routine, as Adam stumbles between bits of the set to put out the fire. The cast is startled and then begins to choke on the spray from the extinguisher which Adam's spewing all over. Joan watches with horror, begging Johnny Broadway, "Stop this!" He smiles: "And miss what happens next?" She completely doesn't get him. The stage breaks into further chaos, as a couple of zombies hit the deck and Friedman -- and his unit -- get lowered from the ceiling, most of them landing hard, or hanging upside down a few inches short of the floor. Joan's mouth is wide open. The audience seems to be enjoying it all, however. Johnny Broadway tells a stagehand, "Cue the rise of the Queen." Joan asks him, "Are you crazy? Everything's falling apart!" He suddenly ducks down and says to Joan, "Come on."

As they crawl behind the set, he says, "I know it all seems so random to you, but you want to know what it all means, don't you?" Joan finally twigs, and grabs his arm: "Johnny Godway?" He smiles: "I can still surprise you." Hee! Awesome. I have been waiting since the pilot for God to pull this on Joan -- the delayed reveal. Thirty-six episodes later, I finally get it. I thought when we first saw Johnny Broadway that it was God; then I decided it wasn't. Somewhere along the line, I started to think he was again -- probably during one of his pro-chaos declarations -- but since the show's never done the delayed reveal, I dismissed it. As soon as he said, "And miss what happens next?" I knew it had to be him. And remember when I pointed out that Joan was talking to Female Custodian God and you could hear Johnny Broadway in the background? That was a nice little nod to God's superpowers. The only other time I think we've seen God in more than one place/avatar at once was in Joan's hospital room in "Desolation." But I'm kind of bummed that Johnny Broadway/Godway isn't a real teacher, or even a real guest musical director, because it was so nice for there to be someone working at Arcadia High -- other than Helen -- whose primary attitude toward the students wasn't one of contempt and/or irritation. Well, I suppose Lischak's also reasonably supportive and encouraging, but there's so much vamping that comes along with it that it makes me slightly nervous. Anyway. Joan sighs as she crawls and he says, "Aw, it's cute. Come on, come on, Joan." He helps her into the moon-swing and tells her, "This is your moment. Go with it." And then crawls away.

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