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Queen Of The Zombies

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I See Undead People

Onstage, things are going from bad to worse. Pleased, Grace growls to Luke, "Anarchy lives." Friedman suddenly shouts, "Stop!" Pointing up, he asks, "Who is that magical creature?" We see Joan rising on a large, funky, glittery crescent moon. In a lovely, strong, confident voice, she sings, "Stop your fighting / End this war / Look upon your friends / Don't you know the reason why / You called us back again…" Will looks like he might get sniffly. "The night is long / And getting longer / There's darkness from above…" Adam watches from backstage, the latex mask pushed up on his head and his mouth slightly open. He's clearly dumsquizzled by Joan's talent. "And hate is strong / But love is stronger / We are alive as long as we love / For every moon must have its shadow / Every noon its night…" Luke is so taken aback by Joan's moving performance, I figure it's all he can do to hold the camera straight. "When will you realize? / We are your children / Won't you let us share your light? / We are your children / Won't you let us share your light?" Unasked, Helen hands Will a tissue. The chorus sings, "We are your children," and Joan finishes with, "Let us share your light!" Then everything goes haywire again as the moon comes crashing down, and Joan is grabbed by a couple of zombies who escort her toward the front of the stage where the rest of the cast has begun its dance number. Johnny Godway and Adam pat each other's arms, and Joan sings along with the chorus: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust / When will you see we're made of the same stuff? / We are not flesh, we are not blood / Why can't you see / We are love / We are love / Let us share your light / Let us share your light!" Everyone raises their hands and poses for the big finale as another piece of the set comes crashing down. The audience applauds enthusiastically. She really did do a nice job, and for all the doubters: by all accounts that was definitely Amber Tamblyn singing. Don't hate her because she's multitalented.

Backstage, Joan calls to Adam but he doesn't seem to be around. When Elizabeth sees Joan, though, she rushes over to her: "Joanie! Joanie! You were…oh, come here!" She hugs her tightly and rushes off. Johnny Godway turns to Joan and says, "Carl told me he never thought he could write a song that beautiful. Even I got a little tear." Carl stands there grinning from ear to ear: "You made it wonderful. Thank you." When Carl walks off, Joan complains to Johnny Godway, "But it was a total disaster." Oh, Joan. When did you get to be so Type A? You'll drive yourself into an early grave. Trust me, I know. Johnny Godway: "Nothing of value comes without a little struggle. Some of the most beautiful flowers in the world only grow after a forest fire. Literally out of the ashes, they blanket the ground with colour." Joan: "Yeah, but you could make that happen without the fire. People would like you more." Johnny Godway shakes his head slightly: "They'd just find something else to blame me for. You can't control everything, Joan. Turmoil. Conflict. Chaos. This is part of life. Look at any playground: the screaming, the laughter, the tears." The wedgies. "Out of that mayhem comes relationships, and love, and the simple joy of being surprised by life." And the occasional trip to the emergency room. Joan half-laughs, half-sighs: "So more surprises?" Johnny Godway: "Oh, yeah. There's always more surprises."

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Joan of Arcadia




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