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I See Undead People

Adam comes rushing over at this point: "Jane! Hey! It was all falling apart --" Joan: "I know, I saw it!" He continues, "And then it was burning, and then you know, it got foggy, but then when, you know, you sang that song…Jane, that amazing song…" He takes her face in his hands and kisses her. "You know what would be the perfect school for us? North Carolina School of the Arts. Okay? You can sing, and I'll do art…" Joan has a look of trepidation on her face. Adam: "What?" Joan doesn't know if she wants to sing. Adam: "Oh. Okay…" Joan: "I mean, you know, if you wanna go there…" Adam: "No, no, no, no, no, no. We're picking a place together." Joan: "Adam: are you really gonna be happy if you don't go where you want because of me?" He doesn't know what to say because he knows she's right. She adds, "We want to control this because we love each other but that's exactly why we shouldn't." Adam looks sad: "But if we go to separate places…" Joan: "I know, we won't know how things turn out." You wouldn't anyway. "Just like tonight, but…tonight turned out to be pretty amazing. I want that for you; don't you want that for me?" Adam: "Yeah…it's scary." Joan: "I know. You know I could never get into Berkeley…and California is just…way too Beach Boys for me." Adam, not ready to let the dream die, says softly, "You might like it." Joan says she'll visit. She might be strong enough for this, but I wonder if Adam is.

The Girardis (minus Kevin) are all having a post-play snack in the kitchen. Joan: "Weren't Adam's sets amazing…when they weren't falling down?" Helen: "They were magnificent…because he has such a good teacher." Will: "Halfway through I thought they should have had paramedics standing by." Luke says it was like watching Fear Factor. Joan smiles: "And I was losing!" Will: "No. You didn't lose." Joan and Helen and Luke look at each other but say nothing. Will continues: "I took some time off this week, you know, to try and clear my head." He sighs. "Because I was starting to think…nothing was gonna feel right again." The other three look slightly sad. "But seeing you…up there…I don't know…when that light hit you, and everything else disappeared…I started to believe again. I don't know what I'm saying. It was just…thank you." He takes Joan's hand and kisses it just as Kevin arrives home. Joan smiles warmly at her dad. Luke says to Kevin, "Dude…you missed, like, the greatest show on earth." Kevin apologizes: "I'm sorry, I tried…" Helen asks where he was. Will: "You should have seen Joan!" Kevin: "Uh, things came up…I lost track of time…" Helen puts a bowl in front of him for some ice cream. Will: "Andy?" Kevin seems nervous, but admits: "I called…to see how he was doing, and…we went out to talk…I mean, I know he screwed up, but…" Will: "He still at the Y?" Kevin says he is. Will: "You should, um, have him stay here." Helen looks at Will, surprised. So do Luke and Joan, who stops her spoon halfway to her mouth. Will: "It'll be more comfortable, you know, until he figures out what he's going to do." Kevin makes an "are you serious?" gesture with his hands, and Joan smiles at him. Kevin smiles in his father's directed, pleased and puzzled. Will breaks the tension by saying, "Hey, have some ice cream, before I eat it all." I don't think there's much danger in this family of any one person hogging all the ice cream. Kevin just keeps looking at his father, wondering what changed. Luke: "Kev, the whole set imploded." Kevin: "What do you mean?" Helen: "And Friedman dropped from the sky and clocked Elizabeth Goetzman." Joan's gotten up and walked around the table; standing behind her father, she hugs him and whispers something in his ear and then kisses his cheek. I think she says, "I love you, Papa." The other family members regale Kevin with tales of the musical's many mishaps as "I Shall Be Released" plays. "I see my light come shining / From the west unto the east / Any day now, any day now / I shall be released."

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Joan of Arcadia




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