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Dance Me Outside

More people arrive at the party. Shot of Makeout Couple. Luke bops by in the foreground. Joan's on the staircase, shooing people back downstairs: "Let's go, let's go. No upstairs. It's not that kind of party." Maybe somebody should tell Makeout Couple. I'm kind of surprised people aren't riding Kevin's wheelchair lift up and down the stairs for laughs. Joan walks over to the couch where Adam's apathetically riffling through a deck of cards and plops herself down next to him, asking, "Do these things ever end?" Adam: "Eventually...people pass out." He tries one more time: "Do you wanna dance?" She says, "No, I want all these people to go home!" She shouts the last few words in the general direction of the crowd. I feel so bad for Adam, but then, when don't I? He asks if she wants a drink. She says she'd love some water. He says, "Done," and goes off to get her some.

Meanwhile, Cute Guy God moves in on Joan and asks her to dance. Cute Guy God's hair has gotten longer, and is just a little too poofy for me to take seriously. Joan asks, "Can I say no?" He replies, "Of course you can." But he takes the plastic cups she was clearing away out of her hands, puts them on the table, and says, "Come on." That doesn't really feel like she can say no, does it? And you just know Adam will be back any second and see them dancing and assume the obvious. They start dancing to a slower song, holding each other at a respectable distance -- more like a father and daughter than boyfriend/girlfriend. He asks how she liked her party. Joan: "I don't. What's the big idea?" He explains, "The big idea is recreation. You know what that means?" Joan: "Whatever." Cute Guy God: "Well, let's break the word down, shall we? Re-create. To create...again, begin again, to start over. People need to do that. Work is fine, but...every now and then, you gotta take a break" There you go. Dispensation from the highest authority for spending ninety-seven hours a week at TWoP. He continues, "Adam is confused." Joan complains, "Adam is always confused." Cute Guy God says, "Okay, well, you're introducing new levels of confusion." She says she's not ready to "couple." I know a lot of people in the forums felt that this didn't really jibe with her oft-stated desire to have a boyfriend, but I don't think, when she pictured having a boyfriend, she imagined a relationship this complicated and intense and demanding, and she's probably right to think she's not ready for a whole lot more than a fairly fun and straightforward kind of boyfriend. Clay would have been good if he weren't such a wanker. Cute Guy God tells her to tell Adam she's not ready. She sighs, obviously dreading that prospect. Of course, at this point Adam returns to the room with her water, and sees her dancing with some other guy -- although it's not like she looks like she's having a particularly good time. Still, his face falls and his heart sinks and he walks away before she sees him. Back to God, who's telling her, "Remember, recreation isn't about relaxing -- it's about redefining." Joan: "Redefining what?" Cute Guy God: "Whatever's become undefined." Joan asks, "Shouldn't you be a better dancer?" Hee. I'd like to see the Divine One bust some serious moves. He just smiles enigmatically as the doorbell rings. Joan: "Excuse me, your...Almightiness."

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