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Dance Me Outside

Joan walks up to Adam. She smiles and says, "Hey." He's got his hood pulled up over his toque. Joan: "What are you doing out here?" Adam: "Waiting for my father to pick me up." She asks if he's okay. Adam tries not to look hurt, but that's one thing he's not very good at: "Yeah, Joan, I'm fine." She smiles -- looking not unlike Mary Steenburgen when she does -- and says, semi-flirtatiously, "I liked it better when you called me Jane." Without looking at her, he says, "Those days are over." She sighs, and asks, "Why are you mad at me?" Adam pulls his hood back and kind of adjusts his toque slightly. He shrugs, replying, "I don't know." He hesitates, and continues: "Maybe...maybe I'm bad at stuff like this." Joan shakes her head. Adam: "But we's not exactly like I've kissed a lot of girls." Joan kind of looks down and shifts her shoulders uncomfortably. Adam: "Maybe I've only kissed one." Joan acknowledges this softly: "Right." He adds, "Well, maybe it meant something to me." Joan: "Well, maybe it meant something to me, too." Her voice is soft and her eyes look a little teary -- which makes me think this must be the first episode in the series in which she doesn't cry. I'm too lazy to check, though. Adam: "I don't...I don't know what to do with it now." Joan emits a wheezy laugh and says she doesn't, either. Adam shuffles uncomfortably, moving away from Joan slightly, and suggests, "You know...maybe it was like that, uh...anti-drug guy says. Romantic's like a...mental illness." Welcome to the club, pal. We have occupational therapy on Tuesdays. Joan smiles a bit. Adam: "It just happens, you know. And then what are you going to do?" Joan, sadly: "Maybe we just aren't ready." Adam looks at her like he was hoping she wouldn't say that: "Yeah...okay, I accept that." He pauses, and then asks, "But were you ready for that other guy?" Joan gives him a knowing look he couldn't possibly interpret, and assures him, "That's different."

They both stand there, looking off in different directions. Adam's vulnerability just tears at me. On the soundtrack, a song I've not yet been able to identify starts playing. "Tell me where you are and I will come and get you / Don't you know my love for you is true?" Joan finally says, "Hey..." Adam looks up. She asks, "You want to dance?" He looks unsure at first, but quickly allows himself to give into the moment, and he turns to face her and holds out his hands. "Just give me a sign and I will be behind you / Don't you know I have to find you?" She walks slowly toward him, and they hold each other closely; Adam closes his eyes as his cheek nestles against her hair. Joan smiles to herself and exhales a little bit; you know Adam will remember the smell of her hair, the feel of her breath on his neck in the cold night air for a long time. "Don't tell me that it's over / That's not how it should be." He suddenly lets go of her a little to twirl her; she twirls and comes rushing back into his arms, giggling and smiling. "Babe, I recognize, I see it in your eyes / There's way too much hurt, too many lies / If we come together, make our love forever / That would be the greatest treasure." And they dance, and they hug, and they hold each other tightly and dance, taking very small, very slow steps as the camera does a couple of dissolves above them, and then floats back toward them at eye level, dancing together in silence -- not unlike another couple we know. Joan smiles, almost as if she's reacting to something Adam's whispered to her, and they continue dancing in a tiny circle. "Don't tell me that it's over, you've just got to believe / Baby, don't you care about the love we have? / Being happy, not sad / I guess sometimes things don't work out like we planned..."

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