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Dance Me Outside

As they arrive in the darkened room, the lecture's already in progress. There's a guy in a lab coat onstage, showing a slides and saying, "Your brain is an elaborate network of chemicals, all firing and misfiring, working it out in perfect unison, like a dance. To introduce illegal pharmaceuticals, whether it be pot or crystal meth or ecstasy, is to interfere with a perfect system." Grace, Adam, and Joan all find separate seats in the crowd; Joan and Adam are a few seats apart in the same row. Helen smiles at the back of the room, pleased with herself and the turnout. The guy continues urging them not to interfere with the perfection and intricacy of their brains. We see Luke, who's on AV duty at the projector; he glances at Grace, who's playing with her forelock, bored senseless. Lab Coat Guy veers off into somewhat new territory: "Romantic love, for example, relies on a healthy breeding ground. Romantic love is a kind of mental illness." Sure, but it's the best one. Adam glances at Joan, who's paying attention to Lab Coat Guy. "You probably all know something about that." Price seems uncomfortable at this. "Should any of you be so fortunate as to experience a good kiss this year, you would know what I mean when I say the pineal gland opens up and releases valuable hormones..." Joan gives Adam a shy glance at this; he just looks at her kind of sadly. Lab Coat Guy carries on: "Your loins..." Helen raises her eyebrows; Price quickly moves to end the lecture. Nobody's going to be discussing loins on his watch. He thanks Dr. Halliwell for his "insight into human behaviour." Everyone gets up to leave.

As Joan leaves, she heads down the hall one way; Adam, just behind her, pauses to watch her go and then heads to his class. Dr. Halliwell -- man, he's tall -- comes right up to Joan and asks, "Did you like my speech, Joan?" Ah, it's Drugs Are Bad, Mm'kay? God. Joan: "'Drugs are bad?' That's not a new message. And since you're invented drugs, didn't you?" Drugs Are Bad, Mm'kay? God replies, "I invented rattlesnakes. Doesn't mean I want you playing around with them." Joan reminds him she doesn't do drugs, so she's wondering what the assignment is: "You want me to keep...not doing drugs?" Drugs Are Bad, Mm'kay? God is kind of cute. ["He's a total Hey, It's That Guy!, too; he's always playing a doctor or a teacher. Anyone who watches Gilmore Girls might remember him on that show as Morey Dell." -- Sars] He says that's not a bad assignment, but he acknowledges that she's had to do a lot of difficult assignments, and advises her not to be surprised if he asks her to do something fun. He smiles a bit and waltzes off. Joan turns and says, "But see, nobody thinks of you as fun." He replies, "And that's the problem." He goes off with a Godwave. As the bell rings, Joan calls out, "Oh, and you're fun-ny."

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Joan of Arcadia




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