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The Duffening II: Electric Boogaloo

When Joan reaches Adam he greets her warmly (as "Jane"), with a kiss on the cheek (accentuated by a "mwah!" sound -- stop it, stop it, please stop it ["seriously -- he has these moments where he's written all Carson Kressley, and it's weird" -- Sars]). He introduces her (as his girlfriend "Joan") to his assistant, Stevie Marx. He introduces Grace as his friend. Stevie gushes, "It's so excellent to meet you guys!" Joan: "I didn't know Adam had an assistant." He explains it just happened: "I put an ad in the school newspaper…" Stevie: "And I'm so stoked…" Adam says she's going to help him out with his "design shop stuff." So…wait. He's an assistant, somewhere between an exalted gofer and his boss's right hand, and he needs an assistant of his own? Even if that's the case…how come Adam's in charge of hiring her? Wouldn't the design firm do it? I'm having so much trouble with this storyline. Couldn't she just be another intern the design firm hired to work with his boss, Michael? Why does she have to be his assistant? Why do the Duffs have to be on this show at all? CBS is so barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps they'll take a hint from the fact that the stunt casting of these Duffisodes only seems to have resulted in lower ratings. I hope there aren't as many Duff Sisters as there are Baldwins, that's all I've got to say. Stevie gloats that she gets two whole art credits for "hanging around and watching him be a genius." Grace has a tight smile on her face. Joan: "Oh, I do that for free." Adam doesn't quite know how to respond to that, but can tell that Joan's not quite as stoked as Stevie is. Stevie says, "Well, I gotta run, Ads." "Ads"? "Ads"? I think that may actually be worse than Iris calling him "A." Speaking of Iris: Have they learned nothing from these ill-fated introduce-a-female-interloper storylines? I feel I must once again state how very, very, very tired I am of the "jealous female" theme that permeates so much of this show. No, Joan's storyline with Roger doesn't begin to mitigate it, nor does Helen's brief phone fling with her ex. I've already gone into this at length in the past (Joan, Rebecca, Glynis, Helen, Lucyfer, Grace, Iris, Judith -- is there a female with a major speaking part on this show who's eluded a jealousy storyline?) so I'll just reiterate: Snore. Also? Does that calendar say 1955? Does it? Let's move on already.

Stevie tells Joan and Grace it was really nice to meet them. She tells Grace, "And I love your look." To Joan: "And you have an awesome man who is gonna be wicked famous." She toodles off and Grace and Joan just look at Adam. Grace: "'Ads'?" He says, "Guys, don't make a thing of it, okay? I needed an assistant, she answered the ad." Grace: "And I guess all the ugly assistants were taken." I guess Grace has learned to like the taste of gross stew. Adam replies, "Don't you have an appointment in the biology closet?" Heh. Grace is taken aback. Adam just points, and Grace wanders off in that direction. Joan looks all dubious and pouty. Adam: "Jane, don't go there. She's on the spirit squad, okay? She has Hello Kitty stuff." Joan complains, "You never mentioned needing an assistant. I could have helped you!" Adam: "When? You're busier than I am. Aw, Jane, come on, you aren't seriously jealous." He puts his arms around her as they walk. Joan: "No. She's just so perky." Adam: "I hate perky. This you know."

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