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Kevin's at a coffee shop, placing his order: "Stella, the usual, to go. Make it snappy." Stella, the goth girl barista, tells him, "We're backed up. No special treatment for gimps." As she sashays off, Kevin says, "You've got moxie! I like that." Kevin wheels toward the tables, noticing Lily sitting alone at one. I think she's reading a surfing magazine. Kevin figures, what the hell. He screws up his nerve and wheels over: "Uh, is this a popular nun hangout?" Lily smiles: "There's no such thing as a popular nun." Heh. He says he hasn't seen her around the house lately. Lily: "That's because your mother decided she wasn't ready to be a Catholic. So unless she asks me to join her bridge club, I don't think we'll be hanging out. Maybe I wasn't a good enough teacher." Kevin: "I can't believe that's true." His hair looks better here. Not so poufy. Lily's hair…I don't know. I like the two-tone thing for her, but it's ironed so flat now, I just don't know if it's that flattering. It's a bit Lily Nunster (tm madmango). I think Constance Zimmer is really pretty -- gorgeous eyes and great smile -- but the hair isn't doing much for her. He tells her he looked into the surfing thing: "Apparently I can totally do it." Lily smiles: "Of course you can! We should go out sometime." She gets up to put the magazines back. Kevin thinks: "Yeah, all I need is a specially fitted surfboard, and…you know, an ocean." While Lily's up, he finds himself looking at her exposed midriff. She mentions surfing works better in the summer, too, and turns back to him just in time to catch him checking her out. Kevin, totally busted, gives her a great expression that's a mixture of guilt, surprise, and confusion. Lily smiles, puzzled: "Are you…checking me out?" Kevin tries to deny it but fesses up finally. Lily: "So…what does that mean?" Kevin: "Um, I'm straight, and, uh…you're not a nun anymore." Lily wonders if he's asking her out. Kevin: "Well, do you want to go out?" Lily: "No!" Kevin, surprised by the speed of her reaction: "Oh!" Lily tries to soften it by saying that it's probably not a good idea, what with Helen and all. Kevin: "Well, she wouldn't have to come with us, although I usually do take her on my dates." Lily smiles. Listen, sister, it's been a long time since Kevin had what could be called a "good idea" when it comes to dating: 1) cheats on Beth; 2) goes after his boss, Rebecca; 3) cheats on Rebecca with Michelle/Randie; 4) gets back together with Beth, despite boatloads of unresolved stuff and new issues; 5) hits on his mother's friend, an ex-nun catechism teacher. Not that I don't want to see Lily and Kevin together, because I do. But the kid wouldn't recognize a good idea if it rode up to him in a rickshaw wearing feathers and a gold lamé thong, twirling a flaming baton.

Kevin says Helen wouldn't have to know. Lily: "Sneaking, huh? I haven't done that since the convent." Kevin looks surprised. She adds, "Cigarettes, not…not guys." Stella announces that Kevin's drink is ready: "No foam soy latte with vanilla." Kevin nods and then turns to Lily, who's giving him a predictable look after hearing that. Kevin: "I have a strong feminine side." Lily, trying not to sound too eager, tells him she's free tonight and she likes Italian: "Ruggero's is good." Kevin: "Can I…pick the time?" Lily: "Of course. Eight works for me." As he wheels away, he says, "Eight-fifteen." Lily: "You're the guy!" Their children would have beautiful eyes, you know? Both of them have nice eyes. I kind of wonder if Lily is still a virgin. I mean, we don't know much about her life before she went into the convent -- she might have gone in pretty young, and even though we get a clue in this episode that she was a wild child, it doesn't mean she wasn't a virgin. Nor do we know exactly how long she's been out. I always get a vibe from her of having a lot of defenses built up.

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