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Physics class. Lischak's cut her hair! Like, short. It's almost elfin. And it's one colour now, and that colour is platinum blonde. Frink: "The longer hair was better." She wanders around the class playing with…one of those science-y gadgets that I can't remember the name or purpose of. This is the part where I make a little note in the recap to ask Frink when he gets home what the hell it is, and highlight it in some lurid colour so I won't forget and leave it in there as a little landmine for my esteemed editor. You know, just in case you were burning with the desire for some insight into my "process." Anyway, it turns out he doesn't know the name for it, but reminds me that it's some wheel on a metal track. It's got a magnetic axle that allows it to roll around this track in a mildly entertaining fashion. It's probably demonstrating some scientific principle, but God, I lost interest somewhere around "landmine," so whatever. Lischak rambles around the room telling them how easy some question should have been for them, calling them her "little brainiacs" and rolling the R like crazy. Friedman looks distressed and tells Luke and Glynis: "First Judith, now Stevie. I just need to know if it's significant that every girl I kiss either dies or turns out to have been kidnapped at birth." As I recall…they kissed you. For reasons surpassing my understanding. But hey, at least we know Judith's death is all about him. Good thing the writers haven't squandered all the emotion developed around that storyline just so that Friedman can make this self-pitying comment. Because that would suck, right? Luke: "I'll concede…it's an unfortunate string of events." Friedman: "How's a person supposed to get past something like this?" I dunno…going on constant unexplained cruises?

Lischak holds up an envelope and announces: "The Hawking results are in," just as Glynis is telling Friedman he can't take it personally. He perks right up at the mention of the Hawking results and slaps Luke's arm: "Shh! Award time!" Glynis looks mildly aggrieved at his sudden mood change. Joan comes, apologizing for being late, and saying she had a meeting with Price. Friedman: "Not interested, Joan. Uh, award time." She slaps him upside the head and tells him to shut up as she goes to her seat. Adam asks what happened, and Joan tells him about how "someone" framed her and her community service sentence. Joan: "So…no Rhode Island." Adam looks bummed and declares that it sucks. She suggests she could come up late, but…seriously, is Rhode Island that close to Maryland? ["No. Your mileage may vary (literally, in this case) but it's a good six hours in the car, best guess." -- Sars] Yeah, I could check a map, but that smacks of effort. And…wouldn't he be going up Friday night, and coming back Saturday? And doesn't she have to be in Arcadia all day Saturday and Sunday? Is it just me, or does her suggestion make no sense at all? She says she's done by five and could take the train. Adam: "No, it's just going to be too crazy, okay? I might be auditing a class." On…Saturday? Are there a lot of Saturday classes? The Saturday interview I can buy, but…

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