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One Small Step For Kevin

Stevie goes in to see her mom at the station. Her mom's in a government-issue-looking sweatshirt, and it's very Prisoner: Cell Block H. Stevie stands away for a moment, but starts to cry as she says she was told why Ericalice did what she did. They take a seat, and Ericalice, with a sad smile, says that she had Stevie in her arms, and she was so small. "And you looked at me, and I couldn't let anything happen to you." They cry and touch foreheads. Outside, Joan asks Will what's going to happen, and Will says the DA cut a deal, and Ericalice will get three years in minimum security. Joan thinks the jail time doesn't seem right, and Will agrees. Well, if I wasn't going to get sucked into that discussion at Minute 51, you can bet your ass it's not happening at Minute 56. Joan sees Electrician God, and goes to talk to him. She wonders why Stevie has to lose her mom for three years. "They would have been fine if I'd just stayed out of it." Electrician God demurs, saying that their relationship was based on a lie, "and a lie, even if it's motivated by the best of intentions, blinds people from the light. One can't survive in the dark, Joan." Yeah, as I've already made clear, much like anything coming out of Condoleezza Rice's mouth, I ain't buying this. Joan asks how they'll get through this, and Electrician God says she made them see what they had, and what they were going to lose. He doesn't add, "After you stuck your nose in where it didn't belong," because shining light on the truth apparently doesn't extend to the kind of truth that would make the episode logic seem tragically flawed. I mean, if I give him the benefit of the doubt, he seems to be saying that Joan's interference prevented a worse alternative, that being Stevie's mom running away. But besides the point I already mentioned -- that Stevie wouldn't have pressed the issue without Joan's interference, nor would there have been an investigation -- is it really credible that Ericalice wouldn't have prepared better for this eventuality? The more I think about it, the more I realize this plotline was a straight-up mess. Having had enough of this avatar, for which I don't blame her at all, Joan goes back to Will. The camera pulls back to reveal Stevie and Ericalice sharing a long embrace. Those are going to be few and far between, but I'm sure the truth Stevie's going to wrap around her at night like a blanket will more than make up for it.

Next time: Goth God sets Joan up. At this rate, it's not going to take Lyme disease for her to dump him again.

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