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One Small Step For Kevin

Inside the dining room, Luke is still babbling about string theory. You know, Luke and Helen have been in an irresolvable tug-of-war for my favorite Girardi since early in Season One, but at this point, I know he's a science geek. Having him go on incessantly about science at this point provides as much character advancement as Joan joining the basket-weaving club would. Kevin rolls in and announces that he's been offered the chance to do a human-interest story for a local TV station. Everyone's appropriately enthusiastic, and Kevin asks if anyone has an idea he could pitch, as he's going in the next day. Joan suggests a story on Stevie battling her mother for the right to work. Kevin: "Local teen argues with parents. Riveting." Shout-out?

School. Joan finds Adam, who's wearing a ski hat. I'd say to thank God for small favors, but that would not be doing justice to just how bad his hair is. Adam's still mad about Joan talking to Helen. Joan tells him that Helen's not angry with him, but the fact that Joan asked Helen about it gets Adam all bent out of shape too. Dude, maybe these are things you should have talked about before you sent all thought processes below the belt. Adam and Joan are distracted from their little tiff when they get to the entrance to a classroom, in which Stevie and her mom are arguing about the work thing and then Joan and Adam come in and Joan butts in again and it's the same scene as before and BORING! Seriously, let's get it in gear, here. Adam says that Stevie's disagreement with her mom is a private thing. "I know that doesn't mean that much to you." Joan only reacts enough to make a mental note about how she'll handle things the next time Adam wants a piece of her. She tells Stevie that they can call and get her SSN, but Stevie says that she tried, and since she's adopted, they couldn't find it. She adds that she's never seen her mom freak out like that, and they should just forget about it. She leaves, and Adam starts to apologize, but Joan snaps, "I needed my mom, so I talked to her. This is not my problem, it's yours." She leaves. I know it's unseemly to start death pools on relationships, but there's good money to be made here, and I want in.

Cut to a young boy in a Cub Scout uniform in what looks like a small public park. He crosses out of the frame behind Joan screen left, but then instantaneously pops up on her other side with a "Hi, Joan." Oy. Look, I know God plays pretty fast and loose with the way he or she appears to Joan, but flaunting teleportation in a crowded park is getting a little ridiculous. Maybe, age-appropriately enough, he can't resist showing off when he's in this particular guise. Joan tells Cub Scout God that he needs to handle the Stevie thing himself, as it's a mess. Cub Scout God sort of mangles his lines when he tells her, AGAIN, that Stevie hasn't found what she needs, and if it were made clear what exactly Stevie gains from Joan's actions in this episode, all this yammering about what she needs would be a lot less tiresome. Shut up, Cub Scout God. He doesn't listen to me, going on that the search is all that matters. "It allows people to discover the truth about themselves. Help Stevie find hers." This is implying that truth is what we all need, which is debatable at best. Here's a question: Does it make me an atheist if I don't believe in this particular avatar? Bring back Little Girl God! Cub Scout God does a Godwave with a discarded glove that he then tosses in a Cub Scout wagon. Okay, hee. Joan yells that Stevie's life seems fine. I'm saying.

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