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One Small Step For Kevin

Girardi kitchen. Kevin tells Joan that there's no adoption record for Stevie, and though he had an adoption investigator the paper uses do a country-wide search, he couldn't find any information about her at all. So this is the day Kevin was supposedly pitching story ideas, right? Wouldn't he already have found out about the story the station wants him for, in that case? It's not like I find errors of continuity like this bothersome if there's a good reason for them, but I don't consider "someone forgetting to type 'the day after' in front of 'tomorrow' in one of Jason Ritter's lines" to be a good reason. Will comes in and banters with Kevin about cold lasagna and peeing. I think Lucyfer's left a void in someone's life. A welcome void, but still. He tries to fill it by getting up to speed on what his two eldest are doing in regard to Stevie. Joan casually says that Stevie "deserves something," and she's trying to find out what. I'd wonder at the fact that the family doesn't even question these kinds of vague statements from her anymore, but I realize that I'd be handling them in the exact same way. Joan asks why Stevie's mother would tell her she's adopted if that's not the case. Will, intrigued, says he doesn't know as he picks up some of the records Kevin received. Joan just looks exasperated, not catching the snap that Will's interest could indicate that something sinister is going on.

At school, Joan sees Stevie from a distance. She hesitates, but Female Custodian God walks by with a pointed look. I really don't like this at all. Feeling like she has no choice, Joan heads up to Stevie. Stevie apologizes for getting mad at Joan, although her reaction seemed understandable to me at the time. After fighting down some more misgivings, Joan tells Stevie that she has to tell her something. Stevie looks mildly annoyed, although that could be because of Joan's use of the word "deserve" for the bazillionth time already. Joan tells Stevie that she wasn't adopted. That information goes over about as well as lasagna made without oregano. Stevie tells Joan to leave her alone, and stomps off past Female Custodian God, who gives Joan another look. Okay, seriously. You gave her the look when she was hesitating about following orders. Now that she has, you give her another look. But that's okay -- it's not like any bad in human history has ever come from mixed messages from on high or anything.

Okay, funniest scene ever. In what's presumably the biology storage closet, Grace, with her back to the door, is applying lip balm as Adam enters. In a voice far sultrier than I remember ever hearing from her, she intones, "Fire up those lips, whiz kid." Hee hee hee. I mean, this would be great anywhere, but the fact that Grace and Luke are hooking up surrounded by specimens that look like they belong in the Mutter Museum is both twisted and completely appropriate. Adam makes a series of hilariously horrified faces before saying Grace's name. Grace, in turn, takes a moment before offering, "Okay, you could choose to forget this, or I could inflict brain damage." Looks like the second option has already occurred, if Adam's hysterical struggle to form complete words is any indication. He finally pulls it together and tells Grace about the concert and the attempt at S-E-X. Grace: "There are certain images I don't want seared in my brain." Considering what just happened, I think that was just a bit of tit for tat. As it were. Adam goes on that Joan told Helen. Grace breaks into a smile. "Nice knowin' you, Rove!" Adam tells Grace that Helen supposedly doesn't care, but Grace scoffs at that assertion, and Adam agrees she's probably right. Grace: "You had to choose someone who had a good relationship with her mother." Adam complains that he's a good guy, and Grace agrees. "But to a mom, you're just another pimply pubescent horndog trying to get into her daughter's pants." Adam puts his head in his hands. Hee. I do think Adam is overreacting here. I mean, he's been going out with Joan for almost a year, Helen has a very close relationship with him, and she also knows that he turned down sex with Joan when she wasn't ready once before. Plus, he's stood by Joan through thick, thin, and partially skimmed. But did that detract from my enjoyment of the scene? Hell no. More Adam and Grace scenes, please.

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