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One Small Step For Kevin

Chewy's on the phone and chomping away on a hot dog. Finally. He waves to Will, who comes over and tells him that every hot dog has meat from a thousand different cows in it. Chewy: "I am grateful to every one of them." Chewy's asking for a Brahmin avatar to show up and give him forty lashes with a wet noodle. He tells Will that the DMV turned up nothing on Stevie's biological mother, so they're sending uniforms out to her last known address "and run it through the system." I have no idea what that means, but having dispensed that information, Chewy's free to go back to eating his thousands of non-sacred cows.

Bookstore. Joan carries a box into the back to find a middle-aged electrician working on an overhanging light fixture. She asks when he got there, and he replies, "I'm always here, Joan." It does seem that way this episode. Electrician God tells her that it's tough what Stevie went through, and Joan asks what Stevie did to deserve that. In Hollywood, they call it "stunt casting." Electrician God: "I don't punish people, and I'd never ask you to harm anyone. You know that." Well, Electrician God, I don't really want to get into a semantical discussion with you, what with you being the Almighty and all. Let's just say I respectfully disagree. Electrician God talks about the power of the truth, and mentions the "shadows on the wall" section of Plato's Republic. You know, God isn't making philosophy look all that great here. Maybe he's still peeved at Nietzsche. Anyway, there's some nonsense about light, and scene.

Kevin's at home watching Jeopardy, and it's Teen Week. An answer comes up about British Columbia's flag, and Luke, who's just walked in, and Kevin argue the question and bet a bag of Bugles until Alex Trebek gives the nod to Luke. Well, he could stand a little meat on his bones. And I could stand to stop talking like my grandmother, God rest her soul, but that's another story. Luke notes that Kevin's home early, and Kevin explains that he had asked for a few days off to pursue the TV thing, and he decided to go ahead and take them anyway. Luke tells Kevin that he thinks Kevin bailed on the story because he's worried he might have "peripheral nerve loss." Kevin tightly asks Luke how he knows about that, and Luke says he did his "Geekapalooza" presentation on "electric stim," and used the materials that Kevin threw out. The two of them have the following exchange about the therapy that's much easier to transcribe than describe:

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