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One Small Step For Kevin

Kevin: They strap you to some shopping cart…
Luke: It's a wall nerve, with braces.
Kevin: …hook you up to a car battery…
Luke: Microprocessor!
Kevin: …which makes your legs twitch! For what, a few baby steps. Twenty percent of paraplegics don't even respond to it.

Let me just throw in this link describing the therapy Kevin's talking about, the Parastep System, which was kindly provided by Melle in the forums. Let me also mention (and thanks to JJ2440 in the forums for posting this) that Kevin mentioned electrical stim in the first season. I don't remember that, frankly, and from Deborah's recap it doesn't seem like the show explicitly stated whether he was trying the therapy himself, but it does seem weird now that they mentioned it as a throwaway almost a year ago. Anyway. Luke duhs that there's an eighty percent chance that Kevin will respond, then, but Kevin heatedly counters that if he doesn't, he'll know for sure that his nerves are "fried," which means that even if a cure for spinal-cord injuries is discovered in the future, he won't be able to take advantage of it. Well, unless they discover a cure for the nerves as well, but anyway. Luke asks if it isn't Kevin's job to find the truth, as he's a journalist. Kevin yells, "Spend a day in this chair and then we'll talk about the truth! Actually, you'd be okay with that, wouldn't you? You wish you were Stephen Hawking, just a big brain in a chair. Too bad this isn't you!" Luke stares at him, stunned, and then leaves the room. Man, what a bastard. Seriously, I can't imagine what Kevin's going through, but to say something like that to your little brother, and then not even apologize? Forget Joan -- Luke's the one that needs an iPod to even begin to forgive that comment. The next Jeopardy question anviliciously has to do with neurons. Fire up the ones in the contrition section of your brain, jerk.

Joan's sitting in the foster home when Stevie appears and coldly asks what she's doing there. Joan says she wanted to see how Stevie was doing. Stevie: "Great. I share a room with Janie, who cries all the time, because her parents just died." Yikes. I really hope Aerosmith was wrong in a certain song title of theirs. Joan speculates that Stevie hates her, but Stevie abruptly changes her tune and tells her that's Joan's the only person who's been honest with her. She sits down with Joan, who asks her if she's talked to her mother. Stevie: "Don't know who she is, remember?" Ouch. A woman, calling Stevie by her birth name "Bridget," tells her she has more visitors. In come Will, his female associate, and Charlie, Stevie's dad. Will asks Joan to leave, but Stevie says she wants Joan there. Anyway, the full story is that Stevie's birth mom was a heroin addict, and never knew who Stevie's father was. Social Services was called many times in her case, and the social worker was Ericalice. Ericalice found Stevie bruised and hungry, and tried to get her into a foster home, but the court ruled in favor of the birth mom. It sounds awful, but I'm sorry to say I can buy that. A week later, a neighbor of Stevie's called in a report that Stevie had been crying for hours. Ericalice arrived to find Stevie's mom passed out, and she didn't want to risk that the courts would leave Stevie in her mom's care, so she kidnapped her. Sometime after that, Stevie's mom had a boy, who drowned in the bathtub at the age of four months. Stevie's mom went to jail, and died there. Man. I think Janie's going to be the one complaining about the crying after this. Will says the DA is agreeing to a light sentence, and Stevie will be able to see Ericalice. Stevie asks, "What if they could have helped my real mother?" Her dad says Ericalice tried. Stevie: "Is that why she was leaving?" And I certainly wouldn't have guessed that it would be Stevie herself who would bring up one of my problems with the A-plot, but I'll get to that later. Her dad says her mom didn't have a choice, which isn't true, and goes on that Will and Co. are sure that a judge will grant him custody so Stevie can come home. He strokes Stevie's cheek, but she recoils and says, "I don't have a home." She stomps over to the staircase, but Joan goes after her and tells her that her eyes will adjust, which is something Electrician God said before that I deemed not worth recapping. And given Joan's parroting of everything God says, it looks like I made the right decision. Stevie doesn't want to hear it, and runs upstairs into the last commercial break.

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