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During the commercials, we see one for a new-fangled toilet brush, and discuss innovations in the field. I confess my pathetic fascination with a battery-powered toilet brush I saw at the grocery store (but did not buy). Sars's comment on the whole subject: "It's a toilet brush. You're not supposed to be able to make risotto with it." Hee!

Will walks through a hospital hallway alone, only to have Mrs. Washington hectoring him from behind: "Did you see about it?" He stops and turns: "Mrs. Washington! You shouldn't be up and around." She looks better than I feel, I'll tell you that much. She tells him, "You make sure my son gets a fair case. You look for those scars." He says he's going to take care of it, and that she should get back to bed. She thanks him and glides off down the hall. As Will walks away, the lights in the hallway above him start snapping off in succession. He finds this slightly odd, but keeps going.

Adam wanders into Joan's hospital room. Helen's on the sofa. May I just take this opportunity to point out that this room is enormous? It's the size of a large studio hotel suite. And it's not exactly swanky, but it's pretty decent. Those are some health care benefits the Girardis have. Helen says Joan's sleeping. Adam says the others went home, and asks if he can sit with her. Helen agrees, of course. She smiles and says Joan's going to be fine. Adam says, "You know, I was never gonna dump her." The way they keep bringing this up makes me feel like they cut a scene early in the script somewhere. Because while Friedman suggested to Joan that Adam might toss her aside now that he'd nailed her (or so Friedman believed), there's no scene where there's any interaction between Joan and Adam that would lead Adam to think Joan was worried about that. And there's no reason for him to guess she'd think or fear that, since they didn't actually have sex. Anyway. He admits he was avoiding her a little: "It got too hard. I got scared." Helen: "Hey, these are intense feelings, Adam…processing them at your age…" Adam: "Yeah, but she saw me at the bottom, Mrs. G. Crying and complaining and scared. How's she gonna forget that?" Helen: "She won't. And neither will you. It's called a bond." And she did say "bond," for all those people out there who think she said "pond." Come on: "Pond"? They glance at Joan, sleeping.

We see a bunch of photographs of Walter with his shirt off, displaying the scars from many knife wounds. Will's studying the pictures: "Real nice." Toni says he never filed a complaint against Denise, and some of the scars are years old. Will says if Walter has a history of being abused, he's got a case for himself. Toni points that he's still facing kidnapping and manslaughter charges. Will: "Yeah, but he won't get the time he was looking at before." Suddenly he adds, "What manslaughter?" Toni: "His mother." Will looks troubled. Toni: "She died, Will. Heart attack. Right after your interview. Didn't you get my pages? Voice mail?" Will: "She couldn't have. I saw her." Toni explains, "After you interrogated her at the hospital." Will: "No, I saw her in the hallway right before I came here." Toni shakes her head: "No, you couldn't have." Will thinks about pushing this, and then considers word getting around again about his mental balance or lack thereof, and thinks better of it. He says, "Well, I guess I didn't." Toni leaves. Will sits there puzzling. Frink: "'Psst! Chief! Will's a nutcase!'" Sars: "'Pass it on.'" Yeah, he definitely doesn't want to be stuck on desk duty, so he's just going to mull this over privately.

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