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Joan wakes up again, rolls over, and sees Adam sitting beside her bed: "Hey." Adam: "Hey." She asks if she's still in the hospital. He tells her she's going to be okay. Joan: "I was kind of having a weird dream. Have I been acting crazy lately?" Hmm. Define "lately." While you're at it, define "crazy." Adam: "Not to me." Joan, suddenly: "Are you dumping me?" Adam drops his head and says, "No. No, of course not. I -- I just wigged out. I -- I -- I've told you things that I've never -- never told anybody." He moves to sit on the bed. "I mean, there's things in my head, you know…I keep them…to myself, and it makes me feel crazy. When I say them to you, though, you know, I don't feel that way anymore. You know? You don't give me that thousand-yard stare." Joan: "Yeah. The doctors think I'm having these hallucinations because I've been sick." Adam assures her she's going to get better. In a very quiet voice she says, "That's not the point." Adam looks at her with concern. She continues, "Something's been happening to me for a long time. I need to…say it out loud to someone I trust." Adam: "Say it to me." Joan: "You have to promise you'll believe me." Adam nods, without much considering the implications of such a promise. Ah, youth. Joan: "Oh…" She emits an empty chuckle, not knowing how to begin. "I've been talking to, uh…" Another empty chuckle, and she comes out with it: "I've been talking to -- to God." Adam smiles with kindness and interest, and possibly some relief, and says, "In your dreams?" Joan shakes her head. Adam: "In your head?" I wonder if Adam believes in God at all. We know he talks to angels (or at least uses them as a metaphor), but I suppose he could believe in them without believing in God.

Joan: "I kind of see him. He just started coming around. He always looks different. Sometimes he's a she. It's scary and…annoying." Adam looks at the wall above Joan's bed and swallows, and I wonder if he's being reminded of his mother's mental illness. Then he looks back at her as she continues, "But the thing is, when I obey, things turn out okay. I mean, I see things, I understand things. I feel like I get the point." Adam clearly doesn't know what to say. Joan: "When I gave you that -- that picture, God told me to give you a gift. I got confused. I thought it was about sex, but…but it turns out, it was -- it was just that little gift, and when we looked at it, it was like you and I were going to the same place in our heads. Didn't you feel that?" Adam says nothing, and his eyes are watery. Joan: "Didn't you?" He still doesn’t say anything. Joan's eyes are teary, too. She glances away briefly before saying, "You have to believe me. If you believe me, then…I know it's not crazy, but if you don't…" Joan expression is a mixture of pleading and confusion. She adds, "You promised…" as Adam takes her hands. We can see the similar, if not identical, silver rings they've both been wearing on their right index fingers for a while now. He says carefully, "I believe…that you believe it. They say the infection, it stays in your system a long time. It makes things looks crazy." Joan laughs weakly. Adam: "You know, sometimes, when…when I'm doing my art, I get these visions…" Joan, tearfully: "Never mind." She turns over in bed, away from him. The song "One Last Time" by Lauren Hart starts playing and continues through to the end of the next scene. Adam: "Jane…" She doesn't respond. He says, "I'll see you tomorrow, then? Jane?" She's as silent as the God Squad. He gets up and kisses her on the head. She doesn't move. Would he have believed her if she weren't sick, and if he hadn't been told her illness can cause hallucinations? Very good work by both Amber and Chris in this scene. It could very easily have been overplayed, but they both showed the restraint of actors much older and more experienced than they are.

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Joan of Arcadia




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