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Will comes into Joan's room. She's asleep, and Helen's on the sofa, also sleeping. Will kisses his wife gently, and she wakes up. They both sit on the sofa as Will tells her he had a strange day. Helen says they all did. Will says his pager and cell phone both failed: "It's like there's something in the magnetic field. Are there solar flares?" It's probably Mercury retrograde. She tells him to ask Luke. Will: "Joan got sick. You had that…feeling…in a church. It's a we-e-eird day." He refrains from adding, "Also, I see dead people." Helen senses there's something he's not saying: "What?" Will wonders why she was in a church. Helen: "Because I had that dream. And…I don't know. I guess I believe in God." Will: "It's a guessing thing? You don't have to sign up for sure?" Heh. Helen: "Here's what I think: you decide…to put your toe in the water, so you go in a little at a time. And sometimes you come all the way out, 'cause it doesn't feel right…but the water is always there." Will: "Why is the water so hard to understand?" Helen: "That I don't know." Guru Frink: "Because the river you stand in is not the river you step in." Will: "Why is it being so mean to us?" Heh.

Helen says she talked to a priest today. To Will's very mild reaction, she explains, "I'm telling you now -- I wasn't gonna hide it." He just looks at her. She asks, "Do you want to hear what a priest said?" Will: "Was it a handsome priest?" She laughs: "Not as handsome as you." He tells her to go on. Helen: "He said we go through times of consolation and desolation. Consolation is when…things are flowing, and everything makes sense, and you feel connected, and…you're aware that God is present, and…has plans for you. Maybe…even likes you a little bit. You remember that?" Will: "Sometimes." Helen: "Desolation is the other thing." She hesitates, then says, "When you are…scared…and confused and alone and out of step and your cell phone doesn't work and…your daughter gets sick, and…the cops come to the door and say there's been an accident. God…retreats, and you're left with your own thoughts, and those thoughts are…dark. There are answers there, he told me -- and strength." Will wants to know how long desolation lasts. Helen: "As long as it needs to." She touches his face gently, and he takes her hand. Joan suddenly says, "He isn't real." Her parents get up and walk over to the bed. Helen asks, "What, honey?" She rolls over to face her mother and says, "You're talking about God." Pause. "He isn't real." Uh-oh. This is where the show changes its name. Frink: "Nietzsche of Arcadia." Sars: "Joan of Munich." Helen just touches her head and tells her to get some sleep. Will kisses her head and they walk away from the bed slowly, holding hands. Joan rolls back over on her side.

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Joan of Arcadia




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