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"But What's Puzzling You / Is The Nature Of My Game"

Outside, the Misfit Posse (minus Adam) is having its impromptu study session. Glynis: "I personally feel violated that Lischak is including popular science on the exam. It's like the Maroon 5 of physics. Admittedly, they have a groove and the lead singer's kind of hot…" I have no idea what she's talking about. ["Recent Grammy winners. You're not missing anything. Carry on." -- Sars] Grace becomes impatient: "People, are we going to study, or are we going to revert back [sic] to hormones?" Joan comes along and sits down as Luke says, "Hormones are physics. I mean, at least the conversion of hormones can be construed that way. It's not an evolved form, of course." I have no idea what he's talking about, either. Adam comes along to share his exciting news: he got an internship at the newspaper. Joan: "The one Ryan set up for you?" Adam: "Yeah, he's a real godsend." Har. Joan: "Maybe it's not such a good idea for you to do that." Adam wonders why not. She whispers, "I don't like him, Adam." He thought she did. Joan: "No. No. Actually, it's the opposite. He's just…" Just then Goth God wanders by in the background. Adam: "He's what?" Joan notices Goth God and sighs. Adam: "He's what, Jane?" She says she'll be right back. Adam sits in her place and Friedman asks, "Is she spinning out again?" Grace: "Did she ever stop?"

Joan: "Okay, God, so what's the message here: Ryan is the adversary?" Goth God: "I told you before: he's a connection." Joan: "He's evil." Goth God tells her connections are mostly neutral: "Ryan is human, and every human, by virtue of free will, has the choice of how to direct his actions for good or evil." Joan thinks Ryan's made his intentions clear. Goth God reminds her, "He saved Adam. He got him a job." Joan: "He trashed churches and burned down a synagogue." Goth God doesn't confirm or deny this: "The universe is kinetic, Joan. Every day you have to make a choice: make it better or worse. Most people do a little bit of both. There are those powerful enough to overbalance the scales on either end." Joan: "So is this fancy talk for you expect me to save the world?" He tells her "counterbalance" is a better word. Joan: "You want me to fight back?" Goth God: "I expect you to fulfill your true nature. Same as it ever was." Joan insists she's not up to this. Goth God: "I think you are. Or else you wouldn't have met him." So much for all that "free will" hoo-hah, I guess. Joan sighs with exasperation: "This is seriously going to cut into my normal high school routine." He says she never liked high school that much. Nor has she ever had anything approaching a normal routine. Joan: "If you want me to do this, I get it, but I can't do it alone. My own father doesn't believe me! My ex-boyfriend is siding with the Devil! I have no weapons! Other people who have fought back, you know, the other Joan -- she had an army. Okay? I don't have anything like that! Where's my army?" He glances in the direction of the Misfit Posse. Hey! Turns out I named them well, then. We see a shot of them hassling with each other, and Grace saying, "Quit it, Friedman!" just before slapping him in the head. Joan looks at this and comments, "Yeah, so, basically, I'm on my own." Pretty much. I think Grace would be a kick-ass warrior, and Luke could be a real intellectual asset if he ever figures out the electromagnetic spectrum. But Friedman? Give me a burly Frenchman any day. Glynis: I have no idea if she could really face up to evil or not. And I'd like to believe it of Adam, but I just have too many doubts about him after that Bonnie nonsense.

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Joan of Arcadia




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