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"But What's Puzzling You / Is The Nature Of My Game"

At the police station, a uniformed officer with a lollipop tells Will there's someone here to see him. She says she pretended to be Will's assistant, which "[she] thought was kind of fun." Will: "Who is he?" Officer Lollipop says he's the new president of the citizen's watchdog committee. Will: "Oh, here we go." Officer Lollipop chides him, saying he promised to play nicely with the citizens. Will claims not to recall that. Officer Lollipop: "He's about twelve. Don't eat him alive." Will promises to cook him first. She introduces Ryan Hunter to him and takes off, probably to talk sugar addiction with Chewy. They shake hands and Will says, "Well, this is a surprise." Ryan says he meant to introduce himself in "this capacity" the night of Adam's rescue, "but I felt you had enough on your mind." As they walk to Will's office, he thanks Ryan again for saving his "daughter's friend," adding, "I suppose this automatically qualifies you as a good citizen?" Ryan: "Anyone would have done the same." Will asks what he can do for the citizens. Ryan exposits that the committee was formed in the wake of the numerous APD scandals, "Most of which you brought to light." Will gestures for Ryan to have a seat as he replies, "So you know it's my highest goal to keep the department clean and accountable to the committee." Ryan says their objective is to help him realize that goal. Will: "Out of curiosity, why would a young guy like you want this job?" Ryan laughs a little and explains, "I have the dubious distinction of being independently wealthy." Will: "I always meant to do that." Ryan: "I was just in the right dot-com place at the right time, and also had sense enough to get out. It's in my DNA to give back to the community." Once he made himself filthy rich, that is. Will: "You let me know what you need from us: police reports, stats, tickets to the pancake dinner..." Ryan states that it's mutual, and the committee means to help the police force any way it can. Will: "Well, this was painless. Hope it stays that way." They stand up and shake hands as Ryan says, "It's my hope as well." You know who Ryan reminds me of? Remember that guy from an early episode of The X-Files who could set things on fire with his fingers? Not physically so much -- I barely remember what that guy looks like -- just his whole vibe. Maybe it's just me.

Lily and Helen are walking to a coffee shop. Helen -- who's wearing a really dowdy, retro-fugly skirt I suspect she fished out of Joan's reject pile -- is explaining, "I don't know if this makes sense, but I see things that aren't there. Except they are. And then sometimes they happen." Lily: "Yes. We call that crazy." Helen tells her to listen, and tells her about seeing Judith: "Only I was not dreaming; I really did see her." Lily seems to accept this. Helen adds that last year when Joan got sick, she just knew somehow to go to the hospital. She also mentions the vision she had of Kevin lying on the ground just before the cops came. The two incidents with her children aren't too hard to chalk up to "mother's intuition" -- then again, maybe the spiritual gifts of women are all too likely to be attributed in a somewhat dismissive way. But coupled with the kinds of dreams Helen has, it does seem to amount to something of a gift. Helen asks Lily: "Is there anything this could be, other than 'I'm having a breakdown'?" As they reach the doors of the coffee shop, Lily says she could be possessed, "but, you know, usually there's more foaming from the mouth." Speaking of which: who wants a cappuccino? If Helen's possessed, will Father Ken have to do an exorcism? This show could take a really frightening turn. Even more frightening than the double-barrelled Duff assault. Helen says dryly that Lily's been a real comfort. You have to wonder what she was like as a nun. Lily relents a little, admitting, "There's such a thing as a charism, but it's rare." Helen doesn't know what that is. Lily explains, "It comes from the Greek word for 'gift,' and in theology, it's a divine spiritual talent given to people for the good of the community. There are all kinds: there's preaching, teaching, prophecy, and interpretation of tongues. The one you're describing is the discernment of spirits." Helen: "Why would I have this? Do you have this?" Lily: "No. I prayed for that charism my whole life, and if you've got it without even being confirmed, I'm extra pissed at God." Helen: "You can have mine. I don't know what to do with it." Lily tells her not to panic: "There's still a chance you're just losing it. I mean, after all, your kid went nuts." Helen: "Thanks, I'll cling to that." She orders a green tea.

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