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Will goes into a bar to meet Roy, the prickly arson investigator. Will thanks Roy for meeting him, and Roy tells the bartender to get Will a lemonade: "He's on duty." They go to a table as Roy exposits, "Last time we had a chance to chat, we were standing over a charred body. This is better." Will agrees. Roy: "Still, 'Chief of Police and Arson Investigator Have a Drink in Public.' Now that's a headline in this town." Must be an exceptionally boring place. Roy says he knows this can't be a social call. Will says he needs some advice: "Insight, man...maybe just an ear. I don't know." Roy says he started out as a cop and ended up investigating arson: "And you being the shrewd detective, determined that maybe some bridges got burned in that transition." Will admits, "I don't know how to deal with these people. It's like...they don't want anything to change for the good." Roy says it depends who it's good for. Will thinks he was brought in to clean up crime. Maybe, but the town bigwigs didn't mean their own hinky local politics. Roy explains, "You were brought in here under those pretenses. Your real job is to look the other way." Will asks Roy, "What did you not look the other way on?" Roy replies that he doesn't know Will well enough to discuss that. Will confesses, "I don't know how much longer I can do this. On the other hand, I uprooted my family for the job. Everybody's adjusted now -- not to mention financial concerns. But what I really want to know is: when you made the transition, how did it affect you personally?" Roy: "Do you mean...did I cry?" Will's talking about Roy's family, and asks if he's married. Roy says he was: "There were problems before the job switch, but it sure didn't help. I mean, she kept saying she'd stick it out, believed in me, all that. But she never looked at me the same again." Will considers this. Roy adds that he thinks sometimes he should have taken his case to court, but then he'd be unemployed. Roy advises Will, "You have to make a decision about where you're going to do the most good. Your wife, she liked you going in, right?" Will: "I think so." Roy says he'll be okay. Will sips his lemonade. Roy says he has a Tuesday night card game, if Will's ever interested. Will comments, "I remember having friends. It was pleasant." Roy says, "Well, it can be again." They smile at each other. I think Will and Helen could both use some friends.

There's a classroom full of protestors, and Mr. Chadwick is addressing them: "While Mr. Price and I are big fans of free speech and free assembly -- theoretically speaking -- here's how we like to deal with rebellion in school: we shut it down cold." Grace, who's at the front of the room with Joan, mutters, "Typical." Chadwick says, "Ms. Polk, I appreciate your effort to launch your lifelong career as a free radical, but I have a school to run...board of directors to answer to -- not to mention all your parents. I promised their children an education, and I'm going to make sure they get one." Grace: "Civil disobedience, that's not an education?" Price snipes, "We have big thick textbooks that talk all about that, if you'd bother to crack one." Yeah. Read about your rights, and be satisfied. Don't expect to ever actually be able to use them. Joan tells the principal she was wrongly accused and didn't cheat. Price reminds her she has the option of proving that by retaking the test. Joan: "I shouldn't have to prove anything!" Really. I get the teacher's suspicion, but I'd say he needs a lot more proof than this, and that they're not exactly going about this the right way. And I'm not one hundred percent sure what the right way would be, just that this isn't it.

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