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Paranoid Schizophrenic With A Miscellaneous Complex

Painter God says, "You gave them good reasons to doubt you, Joan. You're a C student -- you suddenly get an A. They're confused." Hey, didn't Rabbi Polonsky advise her to confuse the confusers? He adds, "And then you exacerbated it by being rude to Mr. Dreisbach, embarrassing him in front of his students." I'd say that's what this is really about, frankly. "Maybe he would have given you the benefit of the doubt before that." Joan says, "Those people are willing to get suspended for me. You want me to just back down?" He glances at the button she's wearing; she puts her hand on it. He holds out his hand and says, "Yes. I do." Joan reluctantly removes the button and holds on to it. God takes it out of her hand before she can give it to him. Hmm. That would seem to be an obvious violation of at least one or two of the ten rules creator Barbara Hall set out for the series, the very first of which is "God cannot directly intervene." Rule Five is "Everyone is allowed to say 'no' to God, including Joan." So what's the deal here? Also, wouldn't her parents normally be more involved in this whole brouhaha, especially since Helen works there? Painter God says, "Here's the thing you need to learn from the martyrs, Joan: they did it the hard way. That's what I'm asking of you." He walks away, throwing the button in the garbage on his way. Joan looks weary. Isn't there some grrl band cover version of "I Won't Back Down" they could play here? Ani Di Franco hasn't covered it?

Will and Helen are reading in bed. She comments that he's been on the same page for half an hour. Will says it's a mystery, and he's trying to figure it out. She sighs and asks, "What's wrong?" Will hesitates for a moment, and doesn't takes his eyes off the page when he says, "I hate my job." He closes the book and takes off his glasses, adding, "I don't want to do it anymore." She says, "You're just working things out. You hit a few rough patches." He says that's not it; it's bad: "They didn't hire me to fix things. They hired me to play ball -- politically. I'm just going to keep bumping up against that until they fire me. And they me." Helen wonders what he wants to do. Will: "I want to rewind my life about two years." Helen: "Yeah. Me too. But what do you want to do?" He says he can't ask them to move again. Helen thinks that going home wouldn't be so bad; they have family and friends there. Will worries about the example it sets for the children: "Retreating in failure? Not to you see me." She says she just wants him to be happy. He touches her face fondly, and says he needs a glass of something.

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