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In the kitchen, he finds Joan getting a mug of warm milk, and asks if he can join her. She says, "Sure, why not?" He asks why she can't sleep. Joan: "I don't know...something about my life being a big, hairy nightmare." Will: "Tell me about it." Joan does: "All my friends are mad at me. I have to surrender, even though I didn't do anything wrong. When is this kind of thing going to end?" Will says he'll let her know. Joan: "I mean, you would never let anyone push you around." She sits on the counter while Will puts his milk in the microwave and thinks about that. Joan asks, "Daddy, do you ever think about God?" He pauses before telling her, "No. I did too much thinking about him when I was young. My parents were very religious. They forced it on me. But it never made sense. Why was God mad at me? It wasn't my idea to create people and make them flawed." The microwave beeps and Will gets his milk out as Joan says, "It just makes no sense. I mean, he's always bugging me to do the right thing, and I'm like, 'If you're so big on the right thing, then why don't you just make it clear?'" Will looks puzzled and troubled by this comment. He turns to Joan and asks, "God is bugging you?" Joan, realizing her mistake, says casually, "Not me. People. What I mean is, if there's a right thing to do, a right way to be, why isn't it obvious? You know, shouldn't there be a clear choice?" Will responds, "I guess the point figure out how you can do the most good." He walks over to Joan and holds her face in his hands, and then kisses her forehead. Joan says, "Yeah, you're the best person I know and you don't even believe in him." Will's caught off-guard by that, and looks into Joan's eyes. She looks back sadly as he asks, "I'm the best person you know?" She just smiles, almost embarrassed, and he hugs her.

Price pulls something out of a filing cabinet as he says, "I reached out to you in a public forum, and you spit on the olive branch." Joan apologizes quietly and asks if they can just "do this." Price: "You want to admit that you cheated? We don't have to go through with this." What? Even if she did cheat, and if she admitted to it, then what? They just flunk her outright? Or would they make her write another test anyway to get a true mark? This whole storyline's shaky. Joan reiterates that she didn't cheat. Price says, "Admit that you cheated and I won't suspend your friends." Okay, that's complete bullshit. One actually has nothing to do with the other. Joan says in a weak voice, "Just give me the test." Price gloats, "Amazing, how your revolution just crumbled overnight. What's that about? A guilty conscience?" Joan says, "You know, I'm not into this anymore, Mr. Price. I didn't cheat. I really studied. I didn't start this revolution and I didn't want to back down, either. This is all just bigger than me, so please, let me do it the hard way." Price puts the test down on a desk with the regulation #2 pencil and says, "It wasn't I who brought this affair into the hallway." He tells her she has one hour and wishes her luck.

Grace quickly struts out of the school with Joan on her heels. Grace: "I fooled myself into thinking you were a person of substance." Joan: "Oh, don't start!" Grace: "You're nothing but a cream puff...powder puff...nothing puff!" Oh, just kiss already. Joan laughs: "Oh, you're using some puff-related analogy I don't even get!" I'd say Grace is the one who doesn't get it, but whatever. There's Adam, leaning against a wall in the background. Grace stops and turns to Joan: "Well, you backed down, Joan!" Joan insists she had to: "You don't understand! You don't know what I'm up against!" Grace replies, "I know I'm getting suspended a day because of you. We all are. Even Adam." Well, you started the revolution there, Rosa. I don't agree with the punishment, but take some responsibility. Grace hustles off as Joan calls out a tearful apology, saying she didn't mean to get anyone in trouble. She breaks off when she sees Adam standing there, looking deeply wounded. Also? Cute, in a deeply wounded way. He doesn't walk away, but he doesn't look at her either. He's in so many kinds of pain he doesn't know what's going on. He's angry enough not to speak to her, but not angry enough to avoid her altogether. She pleads with him: "Adam. I can't -- I can't stand you being mad at me anymore. I'm sorry for everything. Please, you know me, you know I have...secrets...and things. Like you do, you know...I have reasons." He looks at her with teary eyes and says, "Whatever, Joan." Joan? Joan? Oh, God, I knew it was coming someday, but...

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