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Paranoid Schizophrenic With A Miscellaneous Complex

Luke, surprised to actually be the focus for a change, says, "'ve kind of been dying to talk to someone about M-Brane Theory, and how it...derails where I was philosophically headed..." Kevin suddenly smacks the arm of his chair and shouts, "For God's sake! I can't stand it. Can we -- can we please just talk about the gigantic stain on the carpet?" I'd always heard of it as the elephant in the room, but I guess stain on the carpet works, too. Everyone is a bit stunned by this outburst, as Kevin continues, "We've been dancing around it for almost two years now and it's making me crazy and maybe it's why I'm so pissed off all the time!" Maybe, but I'd imagine becoming permanently paralyzed would be reason enough. "Because no one will say it out loud, so I have to. The was my fault. This...was my fault. The guys and I were out partying after the game. My friend Andy was wasted. I tried to take his keys. He got pissed off. I was afraid of not...being cool. So I went for the ride." Pause. "I went for the ride. And we all are. I did this." Helen's eyes are filled with tears. Joan looks troubled. Wait -- if he was a passenger, why have there been several references to this being related to Kevin's having a license or being able to drive? He continues, "God didn't do it. The universe didn't conspire. The planets didn't align against me. Can somebody just please say it out loud?" He starts crying as he says, "I did this!" Not the greatest writing, but the acting sold it. The camera fades from shot to shot of each family member's reaction as Kevin sobs. His crying continues over the end credits. No one speaks. No one moves.

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Joan of Arcadia




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