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Joan sits down on a bench at a bus stop next to a woman wearing jeans and layers of grey sweatshirt/T-shirt/vest-type stuff. She's crocheting. She says, "Prepare for some advice. Are you ready? Because it's pretty cerebral." Crocheting God has an interesting voice. Joan turns to look at her. Crocheting God says, "Nobody likes a smartass." ["Yeah, now you tell me." -- Sars] Joan asks if she's talking about her and her teacher. Crocheting God says, "He deserves your respect. He's your teacher." Joan: "He's a loser." Crocheting God says, "When Paul Dreisbach was young, he played saxophone in a jazz band and he was really good. Turned down a scholarship at Juilliard because music was only his second love. His first love was history. In fact, it was his passion." Isn't this a little more backstory than we usually get from God? Isn't God usually a little more cryptic? Joan says that's a little weird. Crocheting God says Dreisbach became a teacher because he wanted to share that passion with others. Joan asks her to stop mentioning the word "passion" in conjunction with her teacher: "It's giving me...a bad picture." Crocheting God says, "If you make snap judgments about people and are unwilling to look into their past, you'll never begin to understand them." Joan insists he's a dweeb. Crocheting God says again that he's her teacher. Joan says she doesn't like him. Crocheting God packs up her crocheting as the bus arrives and says, "You don't have to like him. Let him teach you."

Toni runs down what they netted in the bust: "It's mostly crack, but we found three guns, approximately 2,000 Ecstasy tablets, and almost a kilo of methamphetamine." A guy in a DEA jacket walks up behind them bitching, "Two years! Two. Years." DA Fellowes is with him, as are a bunch of other DEA guys. Angry DEA Guy continues, "Thousands of man-hours. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal drug war funds, and you blow it, for a dinky little public relations bust!" Fellowes introduces the guy as Steve Thompson. Will asks, "Are you yelling for my benefit, or to impress your guys? Because if it's for me, you might as well cut it out." Thompson looks around at his guys, and they leave. Will nods subtly at Toni to do the same. Thompson says to Fellowes that they had a deal. Will asks what kind of deal. Fellowes says, "I agreed to lay back on the crack house as long as the DEA kept me informed." Will tells Thompson, "You're a cop...sort of. You know the DA doesn't have the authority to cut that deal." Thompson's not concerned with local politics. Will says it's an enforcement issue: "I'm the police chief. I'm in charge of law enforcement in this jurisdiction, not him." Thompson reiterates that he doesn't care about local politics, and leaves. Fellowes tells him, "You are really starting to burn my ass, Girardi." Will: "And I feel good about it." Fellowes says, "Well, feel good about this: in an effort to cooperate with the Drug Enforcement Agency, I am not going to lay charges against any of the lowlifes you arrested in that crack house. That way, the DEA can continue to monitor their criminal activities." Will says, "It's over. Put them in jail." Fellowes replies, "Better still, it's going to look like the arrests were bad. You're going to wear this. Enjoy your next six months as a lame-duck incompetent chief...Chief." He leaves.

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