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Joan arrives at school. We can hear Grace's voice yelling, "This affects you, people! You could be next! Rally against injustice! No proof, no test! Support Joan Girardi against the neo-fascists!" Joan sees that Grace has organized a protest on the steps of the school and is handing out flyers outlining her position. Joan comes up the steps and asks Grace what she's doing. Grace: "It's your revolution. Don't you recognize it?" Joan: "Sort of." Grace, who's wearing buttons that read "I Believe Joan" and "No Proof / No Test," says, "It's okay. You've taken a stand, I'll organize the effort." A blonde girl in a navy pinstripe suit and pearls stands nearby. She kind of looks like a very thin, angular version of Lisa Whelchel. She also looks like a future president of the PTA, and she's been half-heartedly handing out flyers and mouthing, "Fight the power." She whines, "Grace, my feet hurt in these shoes." Grace: "Did I ask you to dress like a Republican?" Hee! Grace introduces Joan to Teri Ann, the student body president. Teri Ann says, "I'm not entirely clear on the revolution, but Grace said I had to do it. As student body president, I have to stay in touch with the issues." Also, I'll bet Grace threatened to break her arm. She asks Grace, "What's the issue?" Grace replies, "Recalls are very popular these days. That's all you need to know." Teri Ann goes back to chanting limply, "No proof, no test."

Grace and Joan walk away as Grace admits the slogan needs some work. Joan notices Adam sitting up on the concrete bank alongside the steps and says, "Adam!" He's just sitting there, morose and indifferent, holding out a bag or something with support buttons pinned on it. Joan asks, "Does this mean you're talking to me again?" He says, "Explain the situation, Grace." Joan turns to Grace, who admits, "I told him I'd feed him his hat if he didn't help. So did you put together a list of your demands?" Joan: "My what?" Grace informs her, "You have to have a list of demands. It's, like, in the revolutionary handbook [Mad As Hell and Not Gonna Take It Anymore]." Joan says she'll work on that. Grace goes back to yelling out, "It's a slippery slope, people! Accusing students of cheating without proof? Send a message to the despots!" Joan looks alarmed. I'm not entirely convinced she knows what a despot is. She says, "Grace, it was really nice of you to throw me this...revolution...but if Mr. Price hears about this, he could freak!" "If" he hears about it? "Could" freak? Surely by now she knows him better than that. Grace says that's the plan. Joan looks annoyed. Grace says, "Well, hey, look at me: did you cheat on that test?" A question, perhaps, to have asked before throwing this revolution. Joan says, "No!" Grace: "Do you believe in the writ of habeas corpus?" Joan: "That's the...good rule, right?" Grace explains they have to have evidence to support an accusation of crime. Adam pipes up: "Like when you get caught in the act vandalizing someone's sacred property, yo." Joan: "Adam, please." Grace says, "It's the foundation of a free society. You took the stand; that's the hard part. But let's take this baby all the way!" Joan Jett's version of "Time Has Come Today" begins playing as Grace hands Joan a protest sign and asks, "Are you ready...Girl Warrior?" Joan, confused and hesitant, takes the sign and says, "No proof, no test!" She gets a little vigour: "Support Joan Girardi!" Grace tells her to work on the volume: "But it's a start."

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Joan of Arcadia




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