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Grace Under Pressure

The scene opens with a mob of kids coming into school and being held up by newly installed metal detectors. Grace, naturally, is pissed: "Hope we don't miss our flight!" I noticed that recently Grace has dumped the greasy, unwashed-looking 'do for this cuter, fluffier look. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Joan mentions that her father said Ramsay told Will Ramsay had been bringing his gun to school for months before they ever caught him: "He was, like, proud of it." Grace -- who's stealing Joan's shtick by wearing a long, Dr. Who-esque scarf of her own (or maybe she borrowed one from Joan) -- asks, "Are you saying that legitimizes this oppressive denial of our right to privacy?" Joan: "Grace, I didn't put these things up -- don't rag on me!" Luke: "They consulted with Dad, though." Joan: "That helps, Luke, thanks."

It's Grace's turn to go through, and she starts offloading her baggage. Adam suddenly remembers: "I have metal studs on my boxers." Okay, I'm not sure I could have come up with something I thought he'd be less likely to say. Joan gives him a "uh...okay" look. Adam explains: "It's from my eighth-grade Iron Maiden period. I haven't done a wash in a few days, so...." Oversharing! Grace: "Details are not necessary, Rove." Come on now, Adam -- what if today were the day Joan suddenly decided she wanted to get it on with you? You've got to be better prepared than that, man. Grace walks through the detector and sets it off. You just knew she would. Price: "Not so fast, Ms. Polk!" She walks back out and pulls up her various shirts, revealing a cute little navel piercing. Nice belly, too. Frink is confident: "Grace has more than that pierced." While Joan, Friedman and Luke gawk silently, and Price offers a long-suffering expression, Grace removes the ring and hands it to Price, who accepts it with distaste. Ew! I wouldn't put that back in my navel after he'd had his sweaty little hooves all over it. Grace walks through and Price hands the ring back to her, wiping his fingers on a handkerchief. Grace looks back at everyone staring at her and snarls, "What?" No one says anything. Well, there you go, Luke. Something to think about. They must have these metal detectors dialed up pretty high if one tiny ring set them off. Most of the people I know with piercings don't have any trouble unless they have quite a few. This thing should be setting off people's fillings, not to mention the barrette in Grace's hair.

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