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Grace Under Pressure

Joan's talking to Scott in debate class (is it a class or an after-school club? I don't know. Seems like she wouldn't be able to get into a class this late in the year) about the notes he made for the debate and how professional they are. She says they totally convinced her, even though at first she completely disagreed. Scott: "Cool." She asks him to read them to her. He refuses. She pleads with him, saying he should have the confidence to shout his stuff out to the world. Scott -- who already seems slightly smitten with Joan (and who isn't? Is there anyone she doesn't have chemistry with?) -- attempts to comply. He gets halfway through a sentence, and Joan interrupts to tell him he's doing well, but that she wants him to look her in the eyes as he talks: "Eyeballs, confidence. Confidence, eyeballs. Got it?" Scott tells Joan he doesn't need another a speech therapist. Joan -- dismayed about having annoyed him -- stumbles over her own response: "I've always been into stuttering. I mean, how about that left hemisphere of the brain messing up the messages to the mouth? I mean, who hasn't read about that, huh?" Scott tells her he doesn't want to be there at all, but his father thinks it will help: "But it only makes things worse." Joan: "But you have so many great ideas in here. And some very impressive big words. I mean, it would take, like, two guys to lift these words. They're so big." I don't know, that just seems a little patronizing, but Scott laughs. Joan: "Look, all you have to do is find your voice, Scott. Just let the world know what great thoughts you have." Scott says, without stuttering: "My voice?" Joan: "Yeah. Listen, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones, Carly Simon...they could all cure stuttering. So can you." Scott asks who Carly Simon is. Thanks, ya little punk. I don't feel old enough. Joan: "I don't know, but James Earl Jones is Darth Vader. That is so freaky." Scott laughs.

Will and Toni are questioning the son of the man charged with Yardley's assault. The boy, whose name is Daniel, says that his father was just trying to protect him. Will understands, but says that even if the allegations against Reverend Yardley are true, Daniel's father still must answer for his actions. Daniel looks Will in the eyes and says, "Well, they are true." Will says that the court will take that into consideration, but that they need to get a statement from him. Wouldn't this kid be likely to have a lawyer, mostly likely his father's, present while this is going on? I don't think it's required in this situation, but it just seems like he'd have lawyered up anyway. Daniel sighs heavily and says he was at the church, helping out as he often did. He describes Reverend Yardley as a nice person and a good listener. He says that, one day, the minister asked him to come to his office, and that's when it happened: "He, know, he...put his, his hands on me...down there...and then...he tried to kiss me and touch me...and...." He shakes his head and shifts uncomfortably in his chair. Will tells him to take his time. Daniel: "And my dad told me not to spend time with him." Will: "Why?" Daniel asks what he means. Will: "Well, did he suspect something happened?" Daniel: "No, no...I just know...being gay, it's a sin."

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