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Grace Under Pressure

Later that night at the Girardi house, Helen and Will are in the kitchen having coffee as she tells him about the debate: "You would have been so proud of her, Will." Will replies, "Somehow, these days, every time we're proud of involves chaos." I can't escape the feeling that those words have huge implications for the future. The music in this scene is "Have A Little Faith In Me." He asks: "Do you think that's good?" Helen thinks they don't have a choice. Then she tells him that she applied for the position of art teacher today: "After everything calmed down, I realized how much braver my littler girl was than me, so I filled out the application, I threw the others away, and I just left mine in Price's inbox." Minus dog turds. Helen says Will's the first person she's told. Will looks really pleased. Helen: "I am so scared, Will." Will: "You can't be brave if you're not scared." Helen: "It'll be okay?" Will: "Sure."

Will kisses Helen as Joan comes down the kitchen stairs and asks why he's home so late. He says, "Paperwork." Joan gets a drink out of the fridge and stands behind her parents, looking at her father for a while. She finally says, "You were going to come give me a kiss, right?" Will: "Always." Joan comes over and hugs him around the neck from behind. Will seems slightly surprised, and Helen smiles at him. Joan wanders back upstairs. Will tells Helen: "Just don't flunk her. I don't think any of us could handle that." They laugh and kiss as the camera drifts away from them and around the corner into darkness.

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