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Joan of Ark

Kevin's in his room, assembling a model. Will comes in and calmly asks, "Why would you do this?" Kevin glances around to see what he's talking about and suggests, "Maybe we should talk about it when you're not so angry." Will tells Kevin: "Look at me. Do you see anger here? This was mine, not yours." Whoa. I thought it was Kevin's. That puts a slightly different spin on it. Kevin gets an angry look on his face and wheels his chair over to the bed, snatching the album: "Yours? Who is this? Who's this?" He points to pictures of himself. "I mean, is that you? Is that you accepting that medal? Is that you holding that trophy? Who's this crossing the finish line? Is it you?" Will just looks sad. Kevin: "No, it's me, Dad!" Will says they're pictures of his son: "That's the part of you that belongs to me, and no one else. This is my eldest son." Kevin says he's not that kid anymore: "I'm not even who that kid would have grown up to become." Will stands up: "What are you talking about? You're exactly what that boy has become!" Kevin backs up and shouts, "No!" He hits the arms of his chair hard. "I'm this! I'm not who I wanted or expected, and I'm definitely not who you wanted!" Will says, "I'm at a loss. I'm completely at a loss of how to talk to you. That's why I took you to play basketball. I want to see you charged up over something again that isn't models. Models are for children! You can't just hide up in your room and play with toys! You have to grow up!" Burn, yo. Will wants him to take an interest in something they could talk about. Kevin indicates the models, saying they're what he's interested in right now: "So for a while, I guess we're not going to have anything to talk about." Will just walks out, dejected. When he senses his dad is gone, Kevin almost seems like he's going to cry, but holds it together.

Adam's in the bookstore with Joan. She still works there! Yay! I nearly bounced off the sofa when I saw that. I'd call that a shout-out except that I know this must have been taped before I recapped the first episode. Adam brings a book over, asking if her boat looks like the one on the cover. She says it doesn't look like any of these, gesturing to a pile on the desk. Adam: "But it is a boat, right? It's not, like, a chifforobe?" Wow. I haven't heard that word in about a million years. Joan asks what a chifforobe is. Adam: "I dunno, but it's not a boat, yo." (It's a wardrobe/chest of drawers combination.) ["Did anyone else wonder if we were supposed to think of To Kill A Mockingbird here? Just me, then? All righty." -- Sars] She says she appreciates his help, but she has to close up. He glances at her, and asks, "Why is this so important to you? I mean, there's a million other things you could do." And he doesn't ask it in that way that implies it's stupid and he's just been humouring her, but in a way that implies that he actually cares and he really wants to know. Yes, I might be reading a bit too much into it, but I'm hereby declaring myself the captain of the good 'ship Adam/Joan/Jane. Joan says, "It's complicated." Adam, slightly hurt: "Well, that's stupid, Jane. You know, I understand a lot of things other people don't get." Joan: "You do?" You can tell she's dying to tell someone who would believe her. Adam replies, "Unchallenged." He watches her while she wrestles with telling him. He is so falling in love with her. He might not know it himself yet, but he is. Trust me. She says that the reason she does some of the things she does is kind of a secret. He just gazes at her expectantly, and it seems like she's going to tell him, when suddenly we hear an older woman's voice calling out, "Hello? I could use some help here!"

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