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Joan of Ark

Okay, crime stuff again. I'm not finding this whole cop-killer storyline very interesting or compelling, so let's just cut to the chase. Will and Daghlian question Mrs. Milner and get her to confess to problems in their marriage, affairs on both sides, and the fact that she was involved with his partner.

Daghlian and Crowley come out to the desk of Eddie, Milner's partner, and demand his gun. He gives them a bit of lip, but Daghlian rips a strip off him and Crowley gets his gun out of the drawer. Eddie looks over at Will, who's just standing at his office door, staring. He backs into his office and closes the door.

Kevin wheels out into the garage to smoke a cigarette, but gets distracted by the sight of Joan's boat. He grabs the plans and wheels over to the boat, putting the cigarette behind his ear. He looks at the boat, and the plans, and laughs to himself.

Will comes home to an empty house.

Out in the garage, Kevin's ripping the metal edging off the boat. Hey, um...that's not yours. Neither was the scrapbook. Dude has boundary issues, yo. Will wanders out into the garage and sees Kevin there. There's just awkward silence. Kevin resumes his destruction of the vessel, and Will finally asks what he's doing. Kevin, annoyed: "What made Joan think this could float?" Will looks at the plans, and then looks the boat over. He agrees, "Yeah, that's just..." Kevin: "Not right." They start talking about what has to be redone and how it should be done, studying the plans and debating. The camera drifts over to the window, where Helen walks into view, peering through the window. Joan's there too, and the music is "World Inside the World" by Rhett Miller. Joan smiles a little and says, "Cool." And it's maybe a bit too sweet, a bit too neat, but it's also kinda cool.

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