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Joan of Ark

Joan and her mother arrive at a boatyard. Joan's wearing one of her unflattering toques. I think she and Adam will be able to bond over their love of toques, among other things. Helen tells the boatyard worker -- who's going to be referred to as a stevedore even though it's not the right word, just because I like that word and never get to use it and it's less bulky than "boatyard worker" -- that Joan needs to build a boat for a school assignment. For a woman who works at the same high school, she is really very guileless. Joan hands the stevedore the cash, saying it's all she has to spend on it. Helen, of course, wants to know where she got that money. Joan explains about finding "Mr. Navy's" wallet. Helen says he was a recruiter. Joan says he gave her a reward. The stevedore examines the bills and tells her, "Sweetheart, uh, maybe we should forget the boat, build you a cute little huckleberry raft instead?" Joan insists she has to build a boat: "Not a stupid raft: a boat." He's sufficiently cowed by her insistence to go look for something for her. Helen comes over to express her incredulity about Joan choosing to spend this money on a project for extra school credit. Joan shrugs: "It's the new me." Helen seems skeptical. Joan, irritably: "What?" Helen: "Lately you have found these...let's call them 'enthusiasms': chess, chemistry, boatbuilding..." Joan says she's an adolescent searching for her purpose in life. Helen can't help but think of her second cousin, Florine. Joan: "The one who talks to flowers?" Helen smiles and nods. Joan: "Oy. Mom, I'm not crazy." Helen seems to be open to the idea.

Crime scene. The crime scene shots are always much more bluish than the rest of the show. They've found a cop named Rudy Milner shot to death behind a bar in the middle of the afternoon. He'd been on the job eleven years. Will asks Daghlian: "He a drinking man?" Daghlian: "More than most; less than some." He says that no one saw or heard anything, despite it happening in broad daylight, and adds that Milner's the second cop in a week to get shot in the face and arranged in a crucifix pose. Seems like his face should be a lot more messed up if that's where he was shot. Will says he should speak to the Widow Milner. Well, he doesn't actually call her that. Daghlian says this homicide is just the same as the other one, so they either have a serial killer or a copycat: "It can't just be a coincidence." Will urges him not to make assumptions: "Clean, objective police work." A car squeals up behind them and the driver runs over, straight into Daghlian, who tells him to calm down. I presume this is Milner's partner. Daghlian assures him that this case is top priority and he's handling it personally. Hothead tells Will he wants in on it. Will says it's up to Daghlian. Hothead makes his case, saying they were partners for three years: "Dead in a back alley? Rolled like a drunk? That's no end for a cop." A photographer takes a picture of the body.

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