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Joan of Ark

Joan's out in the garage struggling with some blueprints for a boat. She reads the instructions to herself and sighs.

Will has the Widow Milner in his office. She asks if it's the same person who killed Patrolman Wilson. Will says he doesn't want to work on that assumption or sway the investigation in a particular direction. He says it's best to keep an open mind. She says sadly, "I just bought Rudy a digital camera. A good one he really wanted. He never even got a chance to use it. Things were going so well." Yeah, she seems overcome with grief.

When they emerge from his office, all the cops buzzing around the office notice, and Daghlian walks over. Will assures her: "Your husband was one of us, Mrs. Milner. We'll catch whoever did this." She thanks him for his kindness, and generally expresses her thanks to the men standing around. Not a lotta women on this force. I think the forensic photographer was female. Once she leaves, Will takes a file from Daghlian. It contains the ballistics on Milner's case. They were 9 mm, and Daghlian says they couldn't tell much more than that; both bullets were nearly destroyed. Daghlian asks Will to authorize him to put together a task force. Will: "Task forces are for serial killers." Daghlian and his officers think the murders are connected. Will considers that and decides to address the whole room: "Gentlemen! Detective Daghlian here has informed me that the consensus of opinion is that the murders of Patrolman Wilson and Sergeant Milner are connected." Milner's partner thinks so. Will tells them he's not ready to appoint a task force, because it carries the bias that they're looking for one murderer, and that's a big assumption: "And big assumptions create big blind spots."

Another guy -- who doesn't have a name yet, so I'm just going to call him "Howard" -- says that there is a pattern. Daghlian refers to the arrangement of the bodies; Milner's partner chimes in with the weapons. Will says all forensics could come up with is the calibre of the bullet. Howard mutters something quietly to Milner's partner. Will wonders if he has something he'd like to share with the class: "I'm sorry, Sergeant Crowley, I didn't catch that." Crowley, whose first name is apparently Bob, says loudly, "I said, 'Exactly how many dead cops does it take to make a pattern?' With all due respect." Will asks if anyone doubts he wants to catch the guy who did this. No one speaks. Will continues, claiming in a voice that gets louder and louder: "I'll be the first one to go after a cop-hater. The first. We've lost two of our own. I share your anger. But Wilson was a traffic stop, and Milner was an ambush outside a cop bar. Maybe there's an ex-con with a grudge out there, or maybe the two of them owed a bad man money." He walks over to Crowley. "But no one in this room has brought me that." He pauses, staring at Crowley: "With...all due respect."

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