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Joan of Ark

Joan's sawing away, safety glasses up on her head. Luke is looking at the plans and telling her she's measured everything wrong: "Don't you know the carpenter's motto: 'measure twice, cut once'?" Joan saws away, saying, "See how I'm ignoring you? Take a hint!" Helen comes in, wondering if Kevin called. They both say no. She says she was supposed to pick him up at the gym, but he wasn't there. She hears a car and tells Luke to go see if Will has Kevin with him. Joan tells her mother she's going to need more wood. Luke sneers to his mother, "Tch. Save your money. She's ruined, like, eight trees." Luke leaves and Helen looks around, asking, "So...this is gonna be a boat?" Joan happily confirms this. Helen looks doubtful. Joan: "Are you thinking about Cousin Florine again?" Helen admits, "A little bit." She walks away as Joan groans. Joan continues working on the boat as Mellowdrone's "Beautiful Day" plays. She's got some badly cut pieces nailed together to make the framework of the hull, and as goofy and unseaworthy as it is, I've still seen worse on Trading Spaces. Nonetheless, she is very pleased with herself. She is in the boatbuilding zone.

Helen is complaining to Will that no one knows where Kevin is. Will thinks The Bear probably took him for a burger. Just then Kevin comes in the front door, and Helen looks heavenward briefly and says, "Thank you." Will tells him, "You had your mom worried, big guy." Kevin apologizes for not calling. Helen asks how he got home. Kevin: "I rolled myself along in this snappy chair." Will: "Seven miles, in the dark?" Kevin: "Gee, officer, I stayed in the wheelchair lane." Heh. They are not impressed with his smart answers. Will remarks that it couldn't have left him with much time to play basketball. Hey, I see the lift on the stairs now. I don't know how the heck I missed it before. Kevin wheels away, pointing out that the deal was that he'd go: "You never actually said I had to play. You still owe me a transmission." His mother admonishes him: "Kevin!" Will: "Don't walk off when we're having a discussion!" Kevin: "Walking? Do you see anyone walking here?" He keeps going, leaving Helen and Will standing there looking sad.

Will clears the table after dinner as he remarks to his wife that it's unlike Joan to skip her barbecued chicken. Helen says she's totally focused on that boat: "I have never seen her so industrious and happy." Will thinks that's great. Helen gives him a look. Will: "It's not great." Helen reminds him, "Cousin Florine is industrious and happy." I dunno, "industrious and happy" sounds pretty sweet to me. Will says she's not her cousin Florine. Helen decides, "This family is off-balance." Will: "Off-balance or unbalanced?" Is there a meaningful difference? Helen recites a list of woes: Kevin's mad at Will, Joan's turning into Cousin Florine, they have no friends in Arcadia, Will arrested the fire chief, there's a cop killer out there...she concludes with, "And you can't tell me your job's getting any easier." Will says it's normal for the rank and file to take time to figure out whether they can trust him. Helen says he told her things would get better when they moved there, and wants to know when that's supposed to start. Will says they just haven't found their places yet. Helen: "I need to see something good...some sign that says the Girardis will be okay." Well, your family seems to be the one God's planning to put on Joan's ark, so that might have to tide you over.

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