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Joan of Ark

Joan commands "Spaghetti Arms" (Luke) to help her fit a piece into the boat. Luke protests that it won't fit: "The proportions are all wrong." Joan replies, "No, I'm in the zone, Dogboy! I can do no wrong." She's making the boat out of scraps of wood nailed together to create pieces of approximately the right sizes and shapes. Luke helps her as he asks, "Dogboy?" They insert the piece, and much to Luke's surprise and Joan's glee, it fits. Luke: "But, but...that shouldn't have happened." Joan inserts an old washboard into a big gap and it fits perfectly. She claps her hands, jumps up and down, and squeals. Where is Slacker Joan, and what have you done with her? Why hast thou forsaken us? Yeah, yeah, spiritual transformation. She pretends to burn her finger on the boat as Luke wanders away, annoyed.

Kevin's lying on his bed reading when his father knocks: "Hey, slugger." Kevin: "I'm sorry if I made you worry, okay?" Will acknowledges that it must be difficult, at his age, to be coping with parents who are worried about him making it home by dinner. Kevin: "Yeah, it used to be midnight before you started wondering where I was." Will fidgets with some of Kevin's trophies as he says, "Sport, I'll let you in on something: your mother and I always wondered where you were. Just had more sense than to let you know." He reminisces about Kevin hitting.385 in a particular season as he looks at a baseball trophy. Kevin suddenly interjects, "I'm sick of those names." Will wonders what names he's talking about. Kevin: "'Slugger,' 'Big Guy,' 'Sport'...they don't apply anymore." Will apologizes for jumping the gun basketball-wise: "I thought it would keep your muscles toned." Kevin: "For what? The Gimp Olympics?" Will insists that Kevin has always been an athlete, and that doesn't have to change just because he's in a wheelchair now: "The Bear skis Aspen every Christmas!" Kevin: "Well...big ups to The Bear!" He makes a little thumbs-up gesture. Will wonders if Kevin's trying to make him mad. Joan happens to wander through the hallway at the moment that Kevin replies, saying, "You think that because we're both in wheelchairs, we're instant homies!" Joan keeps going when she hears that they're fighting. Will claims he doesn't even see The Bear as handicapped. Kevin: "Then why is it the first thing you wanted to tell him about me was how I got paralyzed?" Will turns to leave, and stops at the door to say, "I'm trying, son. I'm trying with everything I've got. Can you say the same thing?" He leaves, and Joan shuts the door to her bedroom, where she's been lurking, before her dad sees her.

She starts to flop down on her bed as the radio announcer says, "Okay, our next caller is Joan from Arcadia." She rolls right back upright again, looking stunned. Radio Announcer: "Uh...Joan?" Joan: "Who, me?" There's the squeal of feedback as the Radio Announcer tells her to turn down the sound. She runs over and does that, kneeling next to the table the radio's on. Radio God asks what her question is. Joan: "You'll answer questions?" Radio God: "If I can." What are the call letters of this station, exactly? YHVH-1? Because I have a few questions myself. Joan says that she's just today discovered that she has this incredible talent that she never knew she had, but it's the wrong talent. Radio God wonders what would be the right talent. Joan: "Um...say...making things better between people I love?" Radio God: "What's your question?" Joan: "Can I trade?" Radio God explains, "Sometimes one talent is all talents. Everything that rises...must converge." Radio God's voice sounds so familiar to me -- almost like V-P Price's, in fact. But it's some guy named Chris Covics. He encourages her: "You're doing great work, Joan! Important work. Be thankful for what you can do. Don't just trade it away. And don't let anyone talk you out of it, no matter how reasonable they sound." Joan, her chin on the table surface, bummed: " tradesies?" Radio God thanks her for calling, and says, "Moving onto Corrina, who has love problems..." Joan scrunches her face slightly.

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